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Chemicals Health and safety Management Software

Providing Outstanding Health and Safety Software for The Chemical and Coatings Industry


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Fast and accurate health and safety software encompassing everything from risk management to behavior based safety observations.

ERA's health and safety software enables you to track your workplace behaviors to effectively reduce incidents and eliminates unsafe work practices.

OSHA compliant safety audits provided by the software's robust audit library complete with  audit forms, safety checklists, and automated safety tasks.

Automated smart forms that capture safety records and eliminate time spent on manual data entry.


How ERA's Software Improves Chemical Industry Health and Safety

The chemical industry uses ERA's 29 CFR module for chemical inventory and process evaluations. They utilize the built in safety audit checklists for hazardous chemicals, personal protective equipment and more.

ERA clients use the system to enter hours and employee count for OSHA logs and statistics either by month or by year to ensure that no employees are working extensive hours or to determine if the facility is sufficiently staffed in a way that protects workers' health and rights.

The chemical industry uses ERA's Health and safety software to track workplace behaviors. This feature enables you to effectively reduce incidents and eliminates unsafe work practices.

ERA clients also track the storage of chemicals through the information provided by ERA's system. Knowing the harmful properties of a chemical in the facility helps to keep their employees safe from chemical spills of harmful chemicals.


ERA Gives You Accurate Incident Recording, Recall, and Corrective Action Tracking

Incident Recording

ERA clients use the system to document incidents in real time through the mobile application for anywhere in the facility. This system allows you to fully document the nature and conditions of the incident.

Incident Recall for Insurance

Many chemical sites use ERA's H&S platform to submit incident records and insurance claims: the software reads the information about the incident and automatically sends relevant information to the insurance company.

Corrective Action

ERA chemical clients can seamlessly assign corrective action tasks to employees. The employee automatically receives a corrective action assignment notification with a direct link to the activity that they are required to complete. Upon completion, the employee can easily submit their completion date and this helps the chemical industry track their corrective action efforts.

A Comprehensive Suite that Exceeds all Health & Safety Expectations

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