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National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) Reporting Software

ERA's solution identifies the substances in your facility reportable to the Canadian National Pollutant Release Inventory and calculates whether any exceed their NPRI reporting thresholds for you.


Facility Categorization

Does your facility fall under one of the ECCC categories: contiguous, portable, pipeline installation, or offshore facilities?

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Employee Threshold Criteria

Does your business employ the equivalent of 10 or more full-time employees (~20,000 work hours) throughout the year?


NPRI Chemical Substances

Does your site manufacture, process, or otherwise use a substance in one of the six parts of the NPRI toxic substances list?

If you answered "yes" to the three questions above, you MUST submit an NPRI report by June 1st of every year

NPRI, the ERA Way

Every feature and benefit of using our software for NPRI reporting in one four-minute overview.

Why ERA?

Our chemical regulatory database and powerful software engine eliminate the most time intensive and onerous tasks required to complete your NPRI report.

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Pollutant Tracking

The system calculates the threshold quantities for products used in day-to-day operations, generates summary reports, and formats your submission to SWIM.

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Emissions Reporting

The NPRI module captures data from ALL applicable sources and uses modelling technology to monitor and calculate your air, water, and waste emissions.

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Chemical Updates

ERA's team of scientists maintains a comprehensive Master Chemical List with thorough chemical records and every regulatory change from the ECCC.

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

The methodology behind ERA’s software is built on total accuracy and rigorous data-gathering, basing reports on your facility’s actual, measured daily activities.


Data Quality Checks

Compare all NPRI chemicals, their quantities, and chemical sources to their reporting limits.

Exemption Tagging

Substances exempt from threshold calculations (e.g. articles not emitting NPRI substances during use) and activities and processes (e.g. research and testing) are automatically tagged.

Threshold Determination

Certain thresholds, such as the 10 full-time employee threshold, apply solely to certain activities. ERA's software pinpoints them for you.

Uploading to ECCC Single Window

The software generates a digital file that is ready to be uploaded to the ECCC's Single Window online system.

Always Up-to-Date

Every year, we bring our software up to date with the latest Environment Canada changes, implementing modifications to our reporting engine entirely free of charge — our software is never versioned!



Here's some of the developments we made this year to match changes to NPRI reporting requirements:

  • Added two new bases of estimate for substance quantities: remote quantification and speciation

  • Created a "Nature of releases" field for users needing to report non-point releases

  • Broke down individual stack releases into the five categories of combustion and fuel use

  • Separated the filterable fraction of particulate matter for reporting of PM2.5, PM10, or PM total

  • Updated the reporting criteria logic for Part 5 VOCs to flag speciated VOCs at or above 1 ton

ERA's Free Resources

Our compliance and EHS professionals have prepared our educational material to help struggling reporters get their NPRI submissions over the line.

Step-by-step Guide to NPRI Reporting

The perfect resource to accompany reporters from start-to-finish. Our 30-page eBook covers every reporting criterion, threshold, and exemption in a straightforward checklist format.


Reporting Requirements and Guidelines: an In-depth Article

A rundown of everything NPRI reporters should know, including reporting requirements, deadlines, and rules for each substance part, and the most reliable methods of estimate.

Why our clients love ERA


Environmental software that you can't live without

We acquired the ERA software at a very good time for our plant. We were in construction and ramping up the new facility, while at the same time, ERA was ramping up the software for us to use.
Ron Drumeller
Project Manager, Volkswagen


Customer support and help with projects are outstanding

The software takes some time to get used to, like any software. The customer support and help with projects are outstanding. They are all around fantastic; every person on the team is friendly, responsive, and very knowledgeable.
Cody Buell
Global Compliance and Sustainability Manager, La-Z-Boy


ERA has been a wonderful company to work with

ERA has satisfied all of our environmental needs in every aspect and we are thrilled to be a partner.
Howard Clement
Environmental Health and Safety Manger, Leggett & Platt