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Chemical Management Software

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Automated Chemical management solution

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ERA’s Chemical Management System tracks the movements and usage of all chemicals within a facility, from arrival to disposal. 

ERA’s system allows users to easily track all incoming and outgoing chemicals for any provided facility, as well as documenting every transaction and usage that occurs for each provided chemical. Each event a container undergoes is logged and recorded through ERA’s archives/documentation/forms, such as when a container is used, transferred, altered or shipped out as waste.

ERA’s dynamic system is flexible and customizable and can add any number of unique actions. Those currently included are:

logo-02Usage records: Know when a container is used and the amount of chemical/product that remains within the container when the action is completed, as well as logging any descriptive information regarding the process and location of its usage.

logo-01 Transfer records: Track when a container is moved between locations (Work Area,  Departments, etc.).


logo-05Disposal records: Record if the container is marked as waste and must be disposed of off-site.


logo-06Surplus records: Monitor if too much of one product was ordered and can be returned or sold elsewhere.


logo-03Dispensing records: Redistribute a quantity from a single container into one or more newly created sub-containers.


ERA’s system has also developed additional functions to manipulate and ease the transfer of chemicals/products within a facility, including:

logo-07Creating Kits: This record can create a “kit” by adding multiple products into a single container.


logo-04Creating Mixtures: Create a mixture by combining two or more chemicals together. This new blend will be given a unique “Mixture ID” that can then be added to a container.

logo-08Carts: Some containers possess time restraints when being moved, mainly due to temperature concerns. Utilize ERA’s “Carts” to indicate/record when a product/container is currently in use, as well as tracking the total amount of time it has been on the floor.

Track Your Workplace Chemical Containers

Reduce compliance shortfalls with data to record container life cycles and avoid errors in chemical reporting and tracking.

Quickly access and review every record within ERAs detailed archives. You can view the container page to observe the current state of a product or check the transaction records to observe the specific actions that affect the container. The search grid can accommodate numerous parameters and is customizable to the user’s preferences.

ERA’s Chemical Management Solution: Why Buy?

The strength of ERA’s software is the numerous built-in advantages which elevates it above simply tracking Inventory.

  1. Access to ERA’s Master Chemical List – Every report has access to ERA’s full Master Chemical List. The MCL is an ever growing, completely up-to-date list of chemicals, including their classification and regulatory information. This will aid greatly when dealing with Product Specs or simply tracking the hazard levels of incoming chemicals.
  2. Accountability – One of the main benefits of ERAs system is that it tracks users and employees at every stage. This allows management to know/record which employee was assigned/committed each action, as well as the date/time of completion.
  3. Flexibility/Customizability – The Reports created through ERA’s software are designed to be dynamic and adaptable. This allows for a great deal of customization, quickly accommodating most client requests.
  4. One-Stop Shop – One of the primary benefits to investing in ERA software is that every advantage is included from the start. We provide ready-made reports to track every relevant detail within your chemicals/products from cradle-to-grave (creation to destruction). This cohesiveness is made possible due ERA’s Dynamic Forms, which allows every step/questionnaire/form to be built within specified databases that all interact with each other in a single, one-stop-shop location.

    How Can You Benefit from ERA’s Chemical Management Software?

    As Environmental Regulations are becoming increasingly common and more complex, it is now vital for manufacturers to avoid any confusion or error in their chemical reporting/tracking process. The consequences of non-compliance can include fines, loss of business/trade, and increase the risk of workplace accidents. ERA’s Chemical Management Solution was created to guide consumers through the chemical reporting/tracking process, and to help avoid any potential pitfalls or errors.

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