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NEI Reporting Software

Track emissions throughout the year to prepare your facility for its National Emissions Inventory (NEI) report and meet the specific air pollutant requirements set by your state's environmental agency.

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Complete Emissions Tracking 

Maintain accurate emissions reporting with tracking for criteria air pollutants and hazardous air pollutants from all of your sources


Automated Report Generation

Create reports tailored to your state’s requirements in a matter of seconds and quickly validate data to ensure accuracy using built-in QA/QC tools


State Reporting Service Integration

Submit reports instantly with direct uploads for many state-specific services (and streamlined reporting workflows for others)

A Complete Environmental Reporting Solution

ERA’s Environmental Management System reduces the time and resources you commit to reporting with over 400 built-in air, water, and waste reports, including NEI, TRI, Tier II, Title V, NPRI, and more.

Are You Ready for Your State NEI Reporting Deadline?

NEI reporting is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but your facility reports to your state environmental agency, each with its own requirements and deadlines.

Full State Reporting Deadline List
State Due Date
Alabama June 1st
Alaska April 30th
Arizona June 1st
Arkansas March 15th
California County-specific
Colorado June 30th
Connecticut March 1st
Delaware April 30th
Florida April 1st
Georgia June 30th
Hawaii April 30th
Idaho Varies
Illinois May 1st
Indiana Varies
Iowa March 31st
Kansas April 1st
Kentucky April 15th
Louisiana April 30th
Maine May 15th
Maryland April 1st
Massachusetts Varies
Michigan March 15th
Minnesota April 1st
Mississippi June 1st
Missouri April 1st
Montana February 15th
Nebraska March 31st
Nevada April 1st
New Hampshire April 15th
New Jersey April 15th
New Mexico April 1st
New York April 15th
North Carolina June 30th
North Dakota March 15th
Ohio April 15th
Oklahoma April 1st
Oregon September 1st
Pennsylvania March 1st
Rhode Island April 15th
South Carolina March 31st
South Dakota March 1st
Tennessee June 1st
Texas March 31st
Utah April 15th
Vermont Varies
Virginia Varies
Washington Varies
West Virginia March 31st
Wisconsin March 1st
Wyoming April 30th

Satisfy Your State's Unique Reporting Requirements

NEI reporting requirements vary among state agencies. ERA's software ensures that your reporting includes all relevant data mandated by your state agency and the specific chemicals and pollutants they monitor.

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Always Up-to-Date

ERA's software is always up-to-date on state-specific emissions requirements, letting you track those compounds effortlessly.


Effortless Reporting

Generate reports from your tracked chemical usage data with all fields for your state agency and direct upload for many states.

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Dedicated Support

If your state isn't available in our system, our experts will work with you to create custom reports that fulfill those requirements.

NEI Submission Methods in Your State

Meet your state's unique submission standards and streamline your reporting with ready-to-submit exports and direct upload integration for many state reporting services.
Full State Reporting Service List
State Submission Method
Alabama AEERS
Alaska AOS
Arizona SLEIS
Arkansas SLEIS
California County-specific
Colorado Form Submission
Connecticut EMIT
Delaware SLEIS
Florida EAOR
Georgia CAERS
Hawaii SLEIS
Illinois Form Submission
Indiana EMITS
Kansas SLEIS
Kentucky Form Submission
Louisiana ERIC
Maryland Form Submission
Massachusetts Form Submission
Michigan MAERS
Minnesota e-Services
Mississippi Form Submission
Missouri MoEIS
Montana AEIES
Nebraska SLEIS
Nevada SLEIS
New Hampshire Form Submission
New Jersey RADIUS
New Mexico AEIR
New York ACE
North Carolina AERO
North Dakota SLEIS
Ohio e-Business Center
Oklahoma SLEIS
Oregon Form Submission
Pennsylvania GreenPort
Rhode Island Form Submission
South Carolina SLEIS
South Dakota Form Submission
Tennessee SLEIS
Vermont VTANR
Virginia Form Submission
Washington WEIRS
West Virginia SLEIS
Wisconsin ARS
Wyoming Impact

Capture Every Detail for Your Reporting

ERA’s software ensures accuracy in reporting through detailed process modeling, usage tracking, and the latest regulatory requirements for specific chemicals and emissions in your state maintained in our Master Chemical List (MCL).

Modeling Your Processes
During implementation, our team works with you to define an accurate model of your operations. ERA’s software supports an extensive range of equipment and processes with built-in emissions factors drawn from government and industry sources, such as EPA air emissions factors. Where your equipment or processes don’t fit our established modeling modules, we customize modeling to ensure accuracy.
Tracking Chemical Usage
Features including automated bulk data uploads and ERA’s Continuous Monitoring System Management Module facilitate tracking chemical use data during your daily operations. The established process modeling is used in tandem with comprehensive mass balance calculations to track all compounds throughout your facility, including accounting for captured and abated pollutants.
Generating NEI Reports
Streamlined report generation lets you create complete NEI reports from scratch in minutes. Simply select your state, facility, and sources to include. ERA’s software compiles the relevant emissions data and carries out state-specific validations. Emissions are calculated from your chemical usage data automatically, filling the report and providing an export for review, export, and submission.

Further Resources on NEI Reporting

Learn more about NEI reporting and how ERA helps you meet state requirements by checking out some of our additional free resources.

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State-Specific NEI Report Requirements

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NEI Reporting and Your Facility

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Why our clients love ERA


Proven efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance

Since implementing the first 3 modules in 2008, the system has proven its efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Our business unit executives regularly express their confidence in their compliance systems.
Phil Schull
V.P. Risk Management, J.B. Poindexter Co.


Environmental software that you can't live without

We acquired the ERA software at a very good time for our plant. We were in construction and ramping up the new facility, while at the same time, ERA was ramping up the software for us to use.
Ron Drumeller
Project Manager, Volkswagen


The BEST software to manage environmental records

ERA took the time to educate and work with our staff to develop a database that works and functions like no other system I have used before. I have been in the Environmental field for 20+ years and this is THE system/software to manage environmental records/data!
Sean McCarthy
Environmental Engineer, Toyota