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Air Emissions Management Software

Track emissions, automate data management and calculations, maintain compliance, and meet your reporting requirements with ERA's comprehensive air emissions management software.

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Complete Emissions Modeling

Robust modeling covers your processes, equipment, and emission sources, tracking key pollutant groups and specific compounds


Accurate Calculations

Comprehensive mass balance calculations automatically track your facility's day-to-day use and emissions to the highest accuracy

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Compliance and Reporting

Track emissions against the latest regulatory standards and thresholds to maintain compliance alongside automated report generation

ERA helps organizations like yours reduce EHS overhead by 80%

All-in-One Environmental Management Software

ERA’s Environmental Management System meets all of your air emissions tracking, compliance, and reporting needs, along with water and waste. See just how much ERA can do for your organization.

Why ERA?

With ERA, your organization saves time and effort spent on manual data management, calculations, reporting, and more. You receive the tools you need to automate and optimize air emissions management for your facility. 

Reduce Manual Work

Automated data collection and management lets you eliminate spreadsheets and manual data tasks.

Know Your Emissions

Fully customizable KPI dashboards, 360° insights, and data visualization guide your decision-making.

Leverage Your Data

All of your data is in one central system. Easy collaboration and no more data silos or repeat work.

Comprehensive Emissions Modeling

Your facility benefits from complete emissions mapping, no matter how complex your processes are. Accurately track the flow of materials and pollutants, including HAPS, VOCs, VHAPs, GHGs, PM, NOx, SOx, and more through all processes, control equipment, and sources.

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Mapping Setup

Our team works with your specialist during initial setup to ensure that emissions mapping reflects your actual operations.


Any and All Processes

ERA’s robust emissions mapping captures the finest details of your processes, including abated, trapped, and destroyed pollutants.

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Emission Forecasting

Know the emissions impact of potential changes to your process before making them and grow sustainably and safely.

Tailored to Your Facility

ERA’s emissions modeling contains four sub-modules that provide the highest level of accuracy for the specific processes in place at your facility. Emissions are calculated based on government-approved standards within each of these areas.


Automate tank calculations based on EPA AP-42 factors, American Petroleum Institute standards, and built-in Antoine and Riddell coefficients and accounting for:

  • Meteorological data in your area
  • Working, standing, and breathing losses
  • Pumping, blending, and loading operations
  • Leaks and fugitive emissions
Chemical Coating

Accurately track throughput and emissions based on transfer, capture, and control efficiencies for processes, including:

  • Paint booths and operations
  • Underbody coatings
  • Coolants and cutting fluids
  • Cleaning and purge
  • Lubricants, oils, and greases
  • Adhesives and sealers
  • Wastewater treatment chemicals
  • Electrodeposition

Calculate emissions based on EPA AP-42 factors or site-specific factors for your facility for all fuel-burning equipment, including:

  • Ovens
  • RTOs
  • Boilers
  • HVAC systems
  • Building/comfort heating
  • Air makeup units

Model a diverse range of processes based on emissions factor formulas and chemical emissions speciation at the source, including:

  • Refrigerants
  • Cooling towers
  • Metals
  • Emergency generators
  • Extrusion and machining operations
  • Welding (maintenance or production)
  • Abrasive cleaning/shot blasting
  • Casting operations

Accurate to Your Actual Emissions

ERA’s software uses process mapping and data from a wide range of sources to ensure the emissions you track and report reflect your actual day-to-day operations. 

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Vendor Data

Our team works with your specialist during initial setup to ensure that emissions mapping reflects your actual operations.


Universal Import

Bulk data automation enables aggregation from a wide range of sources all at once, with built-in error trapping and QA/QC.

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CMS Integration

ERA’s CMS Management Module integrates with your continuous monitoring system to provide tracking and insights in real-time 

Master Chemical and Regulatory List

Your facility’s emissions are tracked against a comprehensive database featuring over 200,000 chemicals and relevant regulations and thresholds.

ERA scientists maintain this list to ensure that all thresholds and reporting requirements are always up-to-date. Our software is never versioned, so you receive these updates free of charge.


All Your Air Reporting Needs

With accurate emissions tracking, up-to-date thresholds, and over 500 built-in reports, ERA’s software makes it easy to fulfill your reporting requirements and saves you time and effort with streamlined and automated generation.
Permit Compliance

Maintain compliance with your air emissions permits, including Title V air permits and state-level permits, with accurate tracking and report generation.


Ensure accuracy for your Form R (TRI) reports with automated calculations, threshold determinations, and extensive QA/QC tools. Generate reports ready for upload to TRI-MEweb.


Canadian facilities can fulfill their reporting requirements to the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) with accurate tracking, multiple bases of estimate for substance quantities, and automated report generation.


Tier II

Generate complete and accurate Tier II reports based on usage, inventory records, or both. Review by chemical using QA/QC tools. Output files for upload to EPA’s Tier2 Submit or E-Plan services.

National Emissions Inventory

Process NEI reports based on your state-specific requirements with automated generation based on process mapping and state NEI codes. Output report files for upload services, including SLEIS and state-specific tools such as STEERS.


If your facility is subject to NESHAP or MACT requirements, generate industry-specific reports for:
•    Aerospace Manufacturing & Rework (GG)
•    Automobile Surface Coating (IIII)
•    Wood Furniture Surface Coating (JJ)
•    Miscellaneous Metal Parts (MMMM)
•    Plastic Parts Surface Coating (PPPP)
•    Wood-building Surface Coating (QQQQ)
•    Boat Manufacturing (VVVV)
•    Fiber Reinforced Plastics (WWWW)
•    And more

Understand Your Air Reporting Requirements

Take advantage of our free eBook guides about key air reports to understand your organization’s emissions reporting requirements and how you can fulfill them with help from ERA.

Air Emissions Management Brochure


Title V Air Permit Handbook

Why our clients love ERA


Environmental software that you can't live without

We acquired the ERA software at a very good time for our plant. We were in construction and ramping up the new facility, while at the same time, ERA was ramping up the software for us to use.
Ron Drumeller
Project Manager, Volkswagen


ERA software ROCKS - helps save time

ERA's programs are a HUGE life-saver for me. I'm able to get a lot of regulatory reports done in hours vs weeks. Specifically TRI, Tier II, and various emissions reports/inventories. I'm now working on adding additional modules for safety and other reports.
Gail Backus
EHS Manager, Power Service


My company has used this software for 21 years

ERA designed reports specific to our needs and have added to and updated those reports as environmental laws changed. Our finishing material suppliers submit their information directly to ERA, which makes our record-keeping much easier.
Barry Branscome
VP & Director of Environmental Compliance, Vaughan Bassett