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ERA's Co-Founder and CTO Sarah Sajedi


Scientific Expertise Meets a Passion for Sustainabilty 

For 27 years, ERA has been blazing the trail for EH&S software. We were one of the world’s first firms to develop air emissions management software, and set the pace for the industry. Twenty-seven years ago, our cofounders were forming the United States’ first partnerships between coating vendors and their clients.

Today, thousands of facilities and tens of thousands of users rely on ERA Environmental’s software to handle their environmental, health, safety, and compliance management.

Our mission is simple: to offer reliable, user-friendly, and cutting-edge software tools to help businesses quantify their environmental impact and simplify their regulatory reporting.


ERA Software is Awarded and Recognized: 


Why Our Clients Choose Us:

We are THE Environmental Experts

  •  Our team is built on environmental excellence and rigorous scientific analysis. Our team of fully-qualified experts provide guidance and support every step of the way, delivering comprehensive service to fulfill your unique needs. ERA experts have been featured in publications such as the New York Times and the Washington Post.


We Monitor Regulations for You

  •  We lift the burden of regulatory updates from your shoulders, monitoring changes and updating your report process to make sure that you stay in full compliance, no matter your industry.  


Over 27 Years of Responsive Care

  •  ERA is recognized for our above-and-beyond customer service. We work with only the best consulting partners to ensure our clients get a expert, hands-on technical and compliance support from a qualified EH&S specialist group. 


We Don't Version our Software

  •  ERA doesn't create multiple versions of our software or charge you for upgrades. We maintain one single platform with the latest features and upgrade our users with the newest version for free.


A team photo of ERA Environmental Management.

Watch ERA's Tandem Implementation Video: