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Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting Software

Automate your TRI reporting process and guarantee a perfect compliance history across your business' air emissions, water releases, and generated waste records.


TRI-covered NAICS

Is your industry sector (mining, manufacturing, hazardous waste, etc.) included in the EPA's TRI-covered list?

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Employee Count

Does your business employ the equivalent of 10 or more full-time employees (~20,000 work hours) throughout the year?


Chemicals on-site

Does your facility manufacture, process, or otherwise use a TRI-listed chemical in quantities above its threshold?

If you answered "yes" to the three questions above, you MUST submit a TRI report by July 1st of every year

The Four Core Benefits

We know staying on top of EPA regulatory changes and making sure your data is accurate and consistent is a top priority. That's why we do it for you.

Why ERA?

Our stress-free chemical inventory management platform formats all your data into the required Form Rs, significantly reducing your reporting time. Simply validate the report before submission!


Usage records

The system tracks all incoming chemicals and the quantities of product used/processed.

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Automatic flagging

All chemicals in the EPA's List of Lists, even the recently added ones, are automatically flagged as TRI-reportable.

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Up-to-date thresholds

We use data taken directly from the EPA to mark out the chemicals in your facility exceeding their thresholds.

Reliable Regulatory Compliance

We have integrated our TRI module into our state-of-the-art Environmental Software to reduce the amount of time spent on the most onerous and tedious tasks that come with building your TRI report, including:


Measuring air and water releases

Capture the most accurate air and water emissions data from every source and CMS device by leveraging ERA's cutting-edge process mapping and modeling technology.

Determining thresholds and waste credits

We perform complex thresholds determination calculations for you, immediately applying the waste credits for which you are eligible.

Rolling up chemical emissions

Prevent over- and under-reporting with a system that performs calculations on your data and generates standard summary reports for you.

Monitoring chemical updates

Track changes to TRI-reportable chemicals and to chemical products coming from your vendors using the built-in Master Chemical and Regulatory List.

Uploading to TRI-MEweb (CDX)

The software generates a digital file that is ready to be uploaded to the EPA's TRI-MEweb platform, no manual transcription needed.

Tailor-made Assistance

Take advantage of ERA's free resources! Our compliance and EHS professionals have specifically prepared our educational material to help struggling reporters get their TRI submissions over the line.
TRI checklist

TRI Checklist

A snapshot of the step-by-step process of creating a complete TRI report. Use this checklist when validating your Form R, just before you submit it to the EPA.


TRI Survival Guide

How to avoid common reporting errors, ways you may be over/under-reporting certain chemicals, the best inventory tracking methods... this guide has it all.


TRI Blogs

Our blogs are a one-stop shop for everything from comprehensive "How to" guides to annual updates and industry-specific tips and best practices.

Why our clients love ERA


My company has used this software for 21 years

ERA designed reports specific to our needs and have added to and updated those reports as environmental laws changed. Our finishing material suppliers submit their information directly to ERA, which makes our record-keeping much easier.
Barry Branscome
VP & Director of Environmental Compliance, Vaughan Bassett


We like the one-on-one programming assistance

The software design is user-friendly and has a good support system to follow. The individual attention to capture all detailed information has made our reporting easier. The programming assistance and adaptability to make changes in the system makes the software a positive.
Heather Ruffner
Global HSE Program Manager, Elliot Group


The BEST software to manage environmental records

ERA took the time to educate and work with our staff to develop a database that works and functions like no other system I have used before. I have been in the Environmental field for 20+ years and this is THE system/software to manage environmental records/data!
Sean McCarthy
Environmental Engineer, Toyota