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Environmental Management System

A Comprehensive Environmental Management System That Has You Covered, No Matter Your Industry
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Cost-Efficient Environmental Management

ERA’s Environmental Management Software is the leader in accurate air, water, and waste reporting and compliance management. This simple, unified platform gives you total insight into your environmental performance and reduces your EH&S overhead by over 80%. ERA Environmental provides trusted and expertly-designed EHS software, helping you achieve total regulatory compliance and implement sustainability strategies. 

Reduce overhead from your air, water, and waste management tasks by over 80% for drastic cost reductions.

Automate your environmental management - reporting, KPI roll up, data analysis, imports, and supply chain data can all be handled by advanced automated logic.

Our centralized platform provides superior, secure data management, and the most accurate air emissions possible, speciated down to the smallest detail. 

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Every Environmental Report You Need

Covering submissions for TRI, Emission Inventory, GHG reporting, Tier II, Discharge Management Reports (DMRs), DHS and NPRI including air, water, and waste reporting.

Automated Data Management Reduces Overhead by 80%

ERA automates and streamlines every step of your data management, eliminating inefficient spreadsheets and drastically cutting down on manual data entry hours.  

Direct Uploads for Easy Environmental Compliance

Integrated software allows for easy upload to e-reporting tools for TRI, Tier II, STEERs, National Emission Inventory, plus Health & Safety form uploads where supported.

ERA's environmental software tracks and manages emissions for VOCs, HAPs, VHAPS, GHG, NOx and SOx.


ERA Environmental Management software is the most powerful environmental tracking tool available, giving you the functionality to track emissions from any process or equipment. Advanced facility modeling and customization lets you define your exact parameters for accurate reporting.


Built-in functionality for any type of source, including the most complex set ups with control devices and Continuous Monitoring Systems. VOCs, HAPs, VHAPS, GHGs, NOx, SOx, PM, and other criteria pollutants.

Accurate calculations adapted directly from verified industry sources and regulators. Master chemical list containing millions of records tracking regulatory requirements for all of your chemicals.

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A Comprehensive Suite that Exceeds all Environmental Expectations

For over 20 years, ERA Environmental has been committed to providing the best possible environmental management solutions for clients in industry, manufacturing, oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, and beyond. Our focus is on supplying software that helps your business quantify its environmental impact, improve your compliance record, and help you save money and time.

ERA’s Environmental Management System works better because it seamlessly integrates every aspect of your environmental performance and compliance. A vast range of tools and reports align to create a centralized platform where all internal and external reporting can be generated. ERA provides one place to manage, report, and improve your EHS performance and reduce your environmental footprint.

Water Management Solutions 

Water emissions management solutions.
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Water usage, sampling, and discharge monitoring software that keeps your records and reports crystal clear.

Waste Management Solutions 

Let ERA help you with our waste management solutions.
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Waste management tools for cradle to cradle tracking and reporting. Know what's in your hazardous waste.