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Technical Support and Environmental Consulting

ERA clients are assigned a dedicated EHS specialist that handles all technical and regulatory support requests and keeps up with regulatory changes for them.



ERA Scientists have been active in the EHS field for roughly 30 years and possess over 80 years of collective professional experience



We constantly survey the regulatory landscape in search of new guidelines that might affect business operations across North America



Our team of support specialists aims to provide personalized assistance and create a space our clients feel comfortable returning to

Contact Support Today

Reach ERA's support team using your preferred method of communication.

Phone: 1-438-799-6208

Fax: 514-684-0597

Technical Support:

General Inquiries: 


Regulatory Support and Research

ERA prides itself on the speed with which we implement regulatory updates into our Master Chemical List, which forms the basis of your reports. We monitor hundreds of federal and state regulations weekly and are available to assist with report generation on request, guaranteeing full compliance from your part.

Rest easy knowing that you will be informed whenever regulations change and that we will be there to guide you through meeting them.

Lifelong Assistance

Our support team is there for you at every step of your regulatory journey.


At the Start

We follow our Tandem Implementation process to teach your team to use the software.

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With Every Hire

We train all new employees that join your EHS and regulatory team for free.

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After a Change

We offer refresher courses and webinars for major compliance events, covering their updates.

Our Support Specialists Are...

Outsource Your EHS Programs and Get the Support You Need

Choosing a turnkey software solution will not only save you money on design, build, and hosting expenses... it also transfers all support, research, and platform upgrade costs to seasoned professionals!