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ERA's Vendor Partnership Program

ERA’s Vendor Partnership Program provides a platform for automated product and chemical data transfers. Both vendors and their customers save time on manual data processing and ensure accuracy in EHS compliance and other programs.


Both vendors and buyers can join the program for free and become part of the largest standardized chemical data transfer network of its kind

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Product and chemical data transfers cover a wide range of categories and easily integrate with other ERA modules and existing ERP systems

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Data is securely transferred to ERA’s environmental database and cannot be modified, ensuring accuracy and transparency across supply chains

Join the World's Largest Chemical Producers

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A Streamlined Process for Vendors and Buyers

ERA’s Vendor Partnership Program streamlines and automates the transfer of safety data sheets (SDS) and environmental data sheets (EDS), providing a simple yet versatile workflow for all parties.

Update Product and Chemical Data

When routine batch variations or other events change product specs, vendors easily select the appropriate customers and facilities to update. Vendors specify which products and timeframes to include in the data transfer.

Data Processing and Tracking

ERA’s system then compares the updated specs with prior batch data to identify changes. These changes are compiled and transferred to the relevant buyers, with automated version tracking maintaining data integrity and traceability.

Review and Accept Transfers

Buyers receive automated email alerts for any data transfer. They can review and accept the changes, automatically updating data within ERA software or other ERP system integrations.

Vendor Partnership Explainer Video

Learn more about our Vendor Partnership Program by watching this short video.

Versatile Data Transfer Automation

Vendors can access many options for planning and automating data transfers, letting them meet unique customer needs.

By Batch

Ensure that customers have accurate product data from each individual batch produced.

By Period

Provide product data over specified periods of time on an ongoing basis or retroactively.

By Invoice

Tie product data directly to invoices to ensure each customer gets data for all purchases.

Transfer a Full Range of Product and Chemical Data

Data transfers contain all the data buyers need for chemical management, compliance, health, and safety.

Synergize with ERA's EHS Software Modules

Data transfers are automatically integrated into ERA’s software solutions to streamline a wide range of EHS operations.

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Environmental Compliance

Use product data to automatically generate environmental reports for air, water, and waste.

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Management

Easily manage SDSs from vendors and other sources in one place, with convenient mobile access.

Chemical Management

Ensure that products, mixtures, and blends have proper data for all components and chemicals.