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Automotive EHS Management Software

With ERA, OEMs and automotive suppliers can maintain regulatory compliance, reach industry sustainability goals, and become better partners at any stage in the supply chain while reducing EHS overhead by up to 80%.



Demonstrate your ESG efforts, track scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions, and meet key sustainability standards



Track air, water, and waste emissions and releases accurately and automate report generation

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Health & Safety

Streamline incident workflows, manage inspections and audits, and facilitate risk management

Seamless Supply Chains

Digital Data Material Transfers enable direct product and chemical data sharing between Tier 1 and Tier 2 auto suppliers, OEMs, and other partners. You can achieve the supply chain transparency expected throughout the industry today.

Maximize the Impact of Your Data

No More Data Siloes

All your EHS data is maintained in one platform, facilitating collaboration and avoiding redundant work.

Environmental Reporting

Handle every detail of your environmental reporting, with industry-specific standards for VOC protocol,  MACT, and more.

Custom Dashboards

Tailor dashboards to specific roles and individuals with built-in and custom KPIs, data visualization, and insights.

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ERA’s Environmental Management System helps OEMs and auto suppliers maintain environmental compliance with federal and state requirements throughout North America and demonstrate that they meet continuously shifting industry standards. 

Tracking Actual Emissions and Waste

Automate tracking of emissions and waste throughout your operations based on actual data from your facility and thorough process mapping and calculations. Monitor categories including, HAPs, VOCs, GHGs, and more, along with speciated chemicals.

Comprehensive Chemical Data

Access chemical data from a wide range of coating suppliers through ERA's chemical vendor partnership program, including PPG, AkzoNobel, Sherwin-Williams, and many more. ERA’s Master Chemical and Regulatory List is kept up to date by our scientists to ensure that you have complete data on more than 200,000 chemicals.

Streamlined Environmental Reporting

Over 500 built-in air, water, and waste reports automate and streamline your environmental reporting. Ensure accuracy for your TRI, Tier II, Title V, NPRI, DMR, NESHAP, MACT, and other key reports, and take advantage of direct uploads where supported.

Production Tracking

Track production numbers and material use together to generate clear and accurate insight into amounts used per unit and by surface area. Have ready access to the paint and coatings records automotive manufacturers need to maintain compliance.


ERA’s Sustainability Software makes it possible for OEMs and auto suppliers to standardize their commitment to sustainability across facilities and show partners throughout the industry the impact of their ESG efforts.

Highlight Sustainability Initiatives

Share your sustainability efforts with the public through water security and climate change reports for direct upload to CDP. Highlight sustainability performance for stakeholders with EcoVadis reports.

Scope 1, 2, and 3 Emission Calculations

Face increasing industry pressure to achieve complete lifecycle carbon accounting with detailed calculations for scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions throughout your facility and supply chain.

Sustainability Reports

Automate report generation to achieve and maintain certification with organizations including, GRI, CDP, SASB, DJSI, and more. Custom corporate responsibility reports let you highlight your organization’s efforts.

Tracking ESG Metrics

Track not just emissions and waste but a wide range of ESG metrics covering environmental, social, and governance. Improve your organization’s public image and move your sustainability strategy beyond short-term returns. 

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Health and safety module_ERA Environmental-2

Health & Safety

ERA’s Health & Safety Software lets OEMs and auto suppliers take a proactive approach to health & safety in terms of planning, response, and tracking. Meet industry standards with robust inspections and audits tailored to your operations.

Incident Response and Reporting

Standardize incident reporting across facilities within your organization and ensure that all H&S data is accessible and complete. Automate CAPA responses and compliance task management.

Inspections and Audits

Custom inspections enable your organization to take a proactive approach to safety that address your unique internal safety requirements. Built-in safety audits keep your operations compliant with relevant automotive industry safety regulations.

Risk Management

Assess qualitative and quantitative risk metrics and immediately update risks based on new information from audits and inspections. Plan and automate risk mitigation and follow-up tasks, including delegations, tracking, and reporting.


Streamline your employee training with custom courses and detailed training calendars. Automated notifications and tracking keep your team up-to-date during onboarding, refresher courses, and new developments.

Complete Materials Tracking

Thorough and accurate tracking, monitoring, and reporting for chemical use, emissions, releases, and waste throughout your operations.


Process Mapping

We work with you to accurately map the flow of all materials throughout your processes, no matter how complex.

Model Every Step

Model every automotive manufacturing step with sub-modules that accurately reflect your actual operations.

Accurate Calculations

Thorough mass balance calculations and equipment factors provide accurate values for use, emissions, and waste.

Automotive Industry Resources

See some of our automotive industry-specific resources for more about areas where the right EHS solution can help you.

Title V Air Permits for Automotive Manufacturers

Discover how Title V air permit requirements impact the automotive industry and whether you need one.


Breaking Down the Automotive MACT

Understand your requirements for automotive industry MACT and NESHAP compliance.

Why our clients love ERA


Environmental software that you can't live without

We acquired the ERA software at a very good time for our plant. We were in construction and ramping up the new facility, while at the same time, ERA was ramping up the software for us to use.
Ron Drumeller
Project Manager, Volkswagen


Proven efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance

Since implementing the first 3 modules in 2008, the system has proven its efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Our business unit executives regularly express their confidence in their compliance systems.
Phil Schull
V.P. Risk Management, J.B. Poindexter Co.


The BEST software to manage environmental records

ERA took the time to educate and work with our staff to develop a database that works and functions like no other system I have used before. I have been in the Environmental field for 20+ years and this is THE system/software to manage environmental records/data!
Sean McCarthy
Environmental Engineer, Toyota