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Oil & Gas EHS Management Software

ERA helps organizations in the oil & gas industry reduce EHS overhead by up to 80% with powerful automation tools to manage their environmental, health & safety, and sustainability programs.

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Materials Tracking

Accurately track chemical use, emissions, and waste, no matter how complex your processes are

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Maintain both environmental and H&S compliance with tracking, reports, and response management

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Automate key workflows to save time, improve accuracy, and provide a safer working environment

A Multi-Site Oil & Gas EHS Solution Tailored to Your Needs

ERA provides comprehensive environmental, health & safety, and sustainability software tailored to the exploration, extraction, production, midstream, downstream, upstream, and resource management operations throughout oil & gas operations.

Mapping Your Unique Processes Together

ERA's team works with you to models processes across all sites. The comprehensive process mapping ensures accuracy in use, emissions, and waste for all chemicals and compounds, providing an essential foundation for environmental compliance, health & safety, and sustainability.

Standardization Across All Sites

ERA's software makes it possible to standardize important procedures and workflows across sites throughout your organization. Ensure that all of your sites maintain the same standards and formatting in reporting, chemical handling, audits, incident response, training, and more.

Comprehensive Executive Overview

Custom dashboards, KPIs, and data visualization provide a complete overview of EHS performance. See the big picture with KPIs across all sites, and view individual schedules and workflows. Customize dashboards for specific roles and individuals to provide easy access to vital information.

Detailed Materials Tracking

ERA supports your operations with highly-detailed materials tracking throughout all processes. Maintain constant awareness of use, emissions, and release of both speciated chemicals and classes of compounds critical to reporting and health & safety.

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Automated Oil & Gas Calculations

Rigorous mass balance calculations provide accurate tracking for the wide range of blends and by-products handled throughout oil & gas.

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Alternate Operating Scenarios

Select the processes and control devices operating in any given scenario and let ERA's software automatically adjust all materials tracking calculations.

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Government and Industry Factors

Emissions are calculated from actual chemical use using the latest standards, including EPA AP-42 factors and American Petroleum Institute standards.

Can Your Organization Show Its Sustainability Impact?

ERA's Sustainability Software lets oil & gas companies demonstrate the results of their sustainability initiatives across numerous ESG metrics with key reports, including EcoVadis, CDP, GRI, SASB, DJSI, and more.

Environmental Reporting

Maintain compliance in the constantly shifting regulatory landscape with material tracking and streamlined reporting provided by ERA's Environmental Management system.

Air, Water, and Waste Reporting

Take advantage of over 500 built-in reports to satisfy your federal and state requirements. Key air emissions reports, including permit compliance, TRI, NPRI, Tier II, NEI, and more. Handle water usage, DMR, hazardous waste, waste credits, and many more environmental reporting requirements.

Always Up-to-Date

Your chemical use is monitored against a comprehensive database kept up-to-date by ERA's scientists to ensure continued compliance for your organization. Reporting requirements and thresholds for more than 200,000 chemicals are maintained in ERA's Master Chemical List.

Data Automation

ERA's software makes use of data from a variety of sources to ensure that your reporting represents your actual use, emissions, and waste. Automated bulk data uploads and integration with your on-site monitoring systems deliver the highest level of accuracy while reducing manual effort.

Industry-Leading Storage Tanks Management Sofware

ERA's Tanks Management Software delivers precision that outperforms the EPA’s TANKS 4.09D. Accurately track HAPs, VHAPs, and VOCs during any operations, including working losses, breathing losses, and more. Meet your Subpart OOOO and Ground Level Concentration (GLC) reporting requirements.
Need a Tanks Management Solution Now?

ERA's Tanks on Demand provides a low-cost solution with rapid implementation, perfect for organizations in need of accurate tracking and reporting without committing to an enterprise-level environmental solution.

Improving Safety and Efficiency

ERA's Health & Safety Management system ensures that your H&S programs are implemented accurately and as scheduled, along with streamlining workflows.

Schedule and Manage Tasks

Create, schedule, track, and manage tasks required for audits, inspections, and CAPA responses, including integrating lock-out/tag-out and other essential safety procedures, along with automated notifications for the appropriate employees.

Training Management

Ensure that everyone on your site has the necessary training and certifications before they start working with comprehensive tracking, custom course creation, and scheduled reminders.

Data and Reporting Anywhere

ERA's Imaxinar app for both iOS and Android devices provides access to essential health & safety data anywhere. Employees can create incident reports and carry out audits and inspections anywhere on your site or in the field, even offline.

Oil & Gas Industry Resources

Download our free oil & gas resources to discover industry EHS best practices and to see the difference that ERA's software can make for your operations.

Business Advantages of an Oil & Gas EHS Solution

See how an effective EHS solution helps oil & gas companies protect their bottom line and improve operational efficiency.


Hot & Heated Liquid Storage Tank Emissions

Take a closer look at tank emissions and the underlying methods that drive ERA's industry-leading tanks solution.


Automating Oil & Gas Environmental Compliance

Understand the impact that automation can have on your reporting workflows and accuracy and the steps you need to take.

Why our clients love ERA


ERA software ROCKS - helps save time

ERA's programs are a HUGE life-saver for me. I'm able to get a lot of regulatory reports done in hours vs weeks. Specifically TRI, Tier II, and various emissions reports/inventories. I'm now working on adding additional modules for safety and other reports.
Gail Backus
EHS Manager, Power Service


The BEST software to manage environmental records

 ERA took the time to educate and work with our staff to develop a database that works and functions like no other system I have used before. I have been in the Environmental field for 20+years and this is THE system/software to manage environmental records/data!
Sean McCarthy
Environmental Engineer, Toyota


We like the one-on-one programming assistance

The software design is user-friendly and has a good support system to follow. The individual attention to capture all detailed information has made our reporting easier. The programming assistance and adaptability to make changes in the system makes the software a positive.
Heather Ruffner
Global HSE Program Manager, Elliot Group