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Health & Safety Management System

Consolidate your health & safety programs into a single platform that automates tracking and task assignment, maintains compliance, and streamlines and standardizes your workflows.



Manage incidents, create and assign CAPA tasks, and carry out root cause analysis. Streamline compliance and claims with built-in reports.



Create and manage safety audits tailored to your facilities. Track both internal and external audit findings and assign corrective actions.



Develop, implement, and track employee training programs with custom courses, automated calendars, and KPI reports.

Advanced Health & Safety Automation Software

ERA's software centralizes and standardizes your organizational H&S to streamline management and collaboration. Create a safer workplace, maintain compliance, and reduce time spent on H&S tasks.

Incident Management

ERA’s Incident Management Software ensures accurate incident tracking and streamlines responses to keep your facilities safe and compliant.
Track Every Incident

Dynamic incident reporting lets you create complete incident records in moments with a unified template for all types of incidents, including injuries, near misses, spills, and more. Report from anywhere through ERA’s mobile app and quickly access critical information such as permissible exposure limits.

Manage Incident Response

Standardize incident reporting and investigation workflows throughout your organization with automation that springs into action the moment a report is created. Manage incident response from one central platform and assign and track corrective actions to be taken.

Automate Claims and Reports

Automatically generate essential claims and reports concerning incidents at your facilities. Report to OSHA and other agencies and create insurance and worker’s compensation claims ready for direct upload.

Health & Safety Software Tailored to Your Needs


Automated Notifications

Manage calendars and set up automated notifications for key individuals regarding incident response, audits, training schedules, and more.


ERA’s Imaxinar App

Both iOS and Android mobile apps let your team review and complete tasks, update events, and create incident reports anywhere, even offline.


Custom Dashboards

View H&S KPIs and data visualizations to always know the state of your facilities and customize dashboards for roles and individuals.


Audit Management and Findings

Manage internal and external audits, findings, and responses to maintain compliance and create a safer work environment with ERA's Safety Auditing and Audit Findings modules.

Create, Execute, and Track Safety Audits

ERA’s software identifies applicable OSHA 29 CFR and 40 CFR standards for your facility and builds a custom audit library. Create additional custom safety audits and checklists, assign tasks, and monitor progress.

Manage Audit Follow-Ups

Create and assign tasks to follow up on both internal and external audits. Specific roles and individuals access audit findings and tasks through tailored dashboards and receive automated notifications to complete assigned actions. Maintain business continuity by easily reassigning tasks in any situation.

Maintain Complete Audit Visibility

Compile audit finding data from any source and view all data through one central platform. KPIs and data visualizations provide clear insight into the progress and resolution of all actions and responses to audit findings.

ISO Compliance and Audits

Analyze your procedures against ISO standards, create audit checklists, and assign tasks with ERA's ISO Software, along with built-in ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 audits to meet environmental and quality management standards.

Training and Learning Management

Ensure adherence to your organization’s training programs through training and learning automation and management with ERA's Training Software.
Automate Training Schedules

Build training calendars for onboarding, refresher courses, and new initiatives for specific roles and individuals. ERA’s software provides automated alerts for upcoming and past-due courses for all employees throughout your organization.

Create Custom Courses

Ensure that your employees have the information and understanding they need by creating custom courses tailored to your unique facility. Seamlessly integrate video, photo, and multimedia content, and assess employees with quizzes and exams.

Track Training Progress

Receive automated alerts on failed or missed training and easily view progress and upcoming training requirements for all employees through ERA’s executive dashboard. Integration with Risk Management and root cause analysis identifies incidents where training is a factor.

Standardize Inspections Across Your Organization

ERA’s Inspections Software ensures accuracy and consistency from audits across your organization
with management and tracking through one centralized platform. 

Create Schedules
Build your inspection calendar with built-in and custom inspection checklists, select frequencies, and receive automated reminders.
Complete Inspections
Carry out inspection checklists and attach supporting documents and comments, even on the go and offline with ERA’s H&S app.
Take Action
Automatically assign corrective actions based on inspection results with alerts for relevant employees, then track and monitor progress.

Behavior Based Safety Observations

Improve workplace safety incident prediction and prevention with ERA’s BBSO Software and enable employees to log observations when and where they happen, even offline through ERA’s H&S mobile app.

A Comprehensive Health & Safety Solution

ERA’s Health & Safety Management System provides access to a wide range of additional features
that let you address every detail of your organization’s H&S needs.

Hygiene & Sampling

Track industrial hygiene performance factors, including air quality, noise levels, equipment status, and more, to assess risks and take corrective action.

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Medical Management

Create and manage medical records for incidents and illnesses at your facilities, including details concerning related and upcoming medical appointments.


Health & Safety Indicators

Identify and manage leading and lagging indicators to pinpoint where your organization’s health & safety programs need improvement.

Risk Management

ERA’s Risk Management add-on software gives you the tools to identify, analyze, and control risks and improve your health & safety programs.

Management of Change

Change Management

Automate communications to keep your team on the same page and use ERA's Management of Change Software to create, approve, and track requests.

ERA's Free Health & Safety Resources

Take advantage of our free resources to find out more about health & safety best practices,
how they benefit your organization, and how ERA helps you make that reality.


Incident Management Strategy

See our tips on how to build and manage an effective incident management strategy

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Automation in Incident Management

Discover how automation helps track, report, and prevent incidents


Risk Assessment Methodology

Learn how multiple risk assessment methodologies can work together


How GDPR Impacts H&S Compliance

Understand the impact GDPR privacy laws have on your health & safety data

Why our clients love ERA

ERA provides health & safety management solutions for clients in coatings, manufacturing, oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, and other industries.
We help organizations ensure safety, maintain compliance, and reduce H&S costs.


Customer support and help with projects are outstanding

The software takes some time to get used to, like any software. The customer support and help with projects are outstanding. They are all around fantastic; every person on the team is friendly, responsive, and very knowledgeable.
Cody Buell
Global Compliance and Sustainability Manager, La-Z-Boy


ERA software ROCKS - helps save time

ERA's programs are a HUGE life-saver for me. I'm able to get a lot of regulatory reports done in hours vs weeks. Specifically TRI, Tier II, and various emissions reports/inventories. I'm now working on adding additional modules for safety and other reports.
Gail Backus
EHS Manager, Power Service


No compliance issues for 8 years

We have used this system for over 8 years. The Compliance Module has helped keep us from having compliance issues and helped during transitions between people. It provides the business continuity we need to keep productivity and compliance running smoothly no matter what situation we face.
Bob Waugaman
Regional EHS Manager, J.B. Poindexter Co.


Proven efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance

Since implementing the first 3 modules in 2008, the system has proven its efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Our business unit executives regularly express their confidence in their compliance systems.
Phil Schull
V.P. Risk Management, J.B. Poindexter Co.


We like the one-on-one programming assistance

The software design is user-friendly and has a good support system to follow. The individual attention to capture all detailed information has made our reporting easier. The programming assistance and adaptability to make changes in the system makes the software a positive.
Heather Ruffner
Global HSE Program Manager, Elliot Group