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ERA's Data Bank Solution

Our Business Logic Builder (BLB) Engine combines advanced automation with data processing tools to collect your isolated data inputs and convert them into powerful business intelligence.


Instant Notifications

Automatic alerts on uploads and flagged data for the immediate detection and resolution of all issues


EHS Reports

Custom mapping and built-in chemical and regulatory calculations for guaranteed scientific accuracy


Cost Savings

A complete management platform at a fraction of the price of other siloed data processors

One Place to Store and See it All

GHS/EHS software full solution

ERA puts one of the most powerful data processing engines at your fingertips. Easily map, import, and manage all your records with our five-step process.

  • Upload a record from any type of data source (Excel, APIs, ERPs, purchase records, lab results, CMS readings, etc.)

  • Warehouse your data in a secure, cloud-based, relational database

  • Review faulty or anomalous data flagged by your data validation rules and correct errors

  • Leverage our BLB Engine to transform your data into any type of Key Performance Indicator (KPI)

  • Satisfy your reporting needs for over 30 EHS modules with 500+ built-in reports

QA/QC Features for Best-in-Class Data Processing

icon_data modification


Custom forms and client-specific internal tables preserve your data's structure and logic, rather than simply storing it

icon_bulk upload

Bulk Uploads

Our Universal Import functionality saves you time and effort without sacrificing your data's integrity

icon_data encrepcy

Encryption and Decryption

Uploaded data is first encrypted, then decrypted according to your business rules and stored in your client-specific server

Top-Level Threat Protection

ERA applies the same security protocols as international banks for Big Data handling and storing

Synchronize with Other ERP Tools

Make the most of your software experience by reaping the benefits of integrated modules

icon_Data management

Document Manager

Categorize, store, and quickly access your imported and pre-processed data and do away with the risks of hard-disk and local server-based storage


ETL System

Our BLB Engine and Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) system come together to house all your data in a secure, cloud-hosted platform


Reports & Dashboards

Understand your imported data at a glance with customizable KPI reporting for any indicator, from utility use to task assignment

Why our clients love ERA


Customer support and help with projects are outstanding

The software takes some time to get used to, like any software. The customer support and help with projects are outstanding. They are all around fantastic; every person on the team is friendly, responsive, and very knowledgeable.
Cody Buell
Global Compliance and Sustainability Manager, La-Z-Boy


We like the one-on-one programming assistance

The software design is user-friendly and has a good support system to follow. The individual attention to capture all detailed information has made our reporting easier. The programming assistance and adaptability to make changes in the system makes the software a positive.
Heather Ruffner
Global HSE Program Manager, Elliot Group


Proven efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance

Since implementing the first 3 modules in 2008, the system has proven its efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Our business unit executives regularly express their confidence in their compliance systems.
Phil Schull
V.P. Risk Management, J.B. Poindexter Co.