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Manufacturing EHS Management Software

Whether they handle plastic, metal, wood, or any other materials, manufacturers rely on ERA's software to reduce overhead and ensure compliance with environmental, health & safety, and sustainability programs across their organizations.



Track air, water, and waste emissions and releases and streamline your environmental reporting


Health & Safety

Manage chemical hazards, facilitate incident workflows, and schedule your audits, training, and more



Demonstrate industry sustainability standards with ESG metric tracking and custom sustainability reports

Modeling Your Unique Manufacturing Processes

ERA's software accurately calculates material usage, emissions, releases, and waste for manufacturing processes of all kinds. Your operation's unique product specs, operating scenarios, and control devices are all accounted for in rigorous calculations based on a foundation of actual production data, industry and government emissions factors, and fundamental physics and chemistry.

Environmental Management Made Easy

ERA's Environmental Management System provides the materials tracking, emissions calculations, and in-depth KPIs to keep your team on top of compliance and maintain visibility over your operations. Whether you're manufacturing extruded metals, pulp and paper, or anything else, ERA's robust system has the data and reporting tools you need.


Material Tracking

Accurately track material waste, emissions, and releases, including speciated chemicals and groups such as VOCs, GHGs, and VHAPs.


Automated Reporting

Automatically fill more than 500 built-in environmental reports, including air permit compliance, TRI, NPRI, Tier II, DMR, and more.

Reduced Overhead

Avoid spreadsheets and manual data entry to reduce your EHS overhead by up to 80% with bulk data upload and other tools.

Health & Safety at Every Site

ERA's software brings together health & safety procedures for all of your facilities and sites into a single, convenient, and accessible platform. Take control of your health & safety programs to provide a safer environment for employees while also reducing your overhead.

Scheduling and Checklists

ERA's Health & Safety Management System lets you schedule activities, including inspections, audits, training, and more, featuring automated reminders. Carry out and track these tasks using a variety of standard and custom checklists.

Incident Reporting and Response
Make it easy for your team to quickly and accurately report any type of incident using smart forms. Track incident metrics and assign tasks for incident response and prevention with ERA's Incident Management System.
Always Accessible via Mobile Apps

Ensure that your team has the information they need to carry out tasks and work safely anywhere on- or offsite, on- or offline, with ERA's Imaxinar app, available for both iOS and Android devices.

Demonstrate Your Organization's Sustainability

ERA's Sustainability Software lets your team compile and standardize metrics from across your organization and create both industry standard and custom sustainability reports.

Optimizing Your Team's Chemical Management

With so many unique processes used throughout manufacturing, your team may handle any number of hazardous chemicals. Maintain workplace safety while streamlining your chemical management with ERA.

Robust Chemical Data

ERA's software provides extensive data on chemicals your team handles. Our scientists maintain a Master Chemical List (MCL) of over 260,000 chemicals, with additional data from our Vendor Partnership Program and third-party integrations.

Chemical Management Tools

ERA's Chemical Management Software provides a variety of tools to handle chemicals used throughout your facility. Track containers, catalog your own blends and mixes, and record transfers, waste, and more.

Safety Data Sheets and Labels

ERA's SDS Management Software lets you handle your SDS library digitally to improve access and stay organized. If you create your own products and blends, our SDS Authoring Software lets you generate complete SDSs in minutes.

SDS Solutions for Any Manufacturer

If your operations produce new products, blends, or mixes that require SDSs but not enough to merit an enterprise solution, SDS on Demand could be right for you. A variety of plans and packages provide SDS authoring at any scale.

Why our clients love ERA


They have satisfied all of our environmental needs in every way possible.

ERA has been a wonderful company to work with. They have satisfied all of our environmental needs in every way possible, and we are thrilled to have them as our EHS software provider. It’s like having an expert partner in compliance. The staff and scientists at ERA are the secret to success – they are true experts and help us along every step of the way.
Howard Clement
Environmental Health and Safety Manager, Lozier Corporation


Customer support and help with projects are outstanding.

The software takes some time to get used to, like any software. The customer support and help with projects are outstanding. They are all around fantastic; every person on the team is friendly, responsive, and very knowledgeable.
Cody Buell
Global Compliance and Sustainability Manager, La-Z-Boy


Reports designed specifically for our industry are one of the most valuable things in this software.

ERA designed reports specific to our needs as an industry and have added to and updated those reports as environmental laws and our needs have changed. Our finishing material suppliers submit their information directly to ERA, which makes our record-keeping much easier. I am very pleased with our relationship with ERA.

Barry Branscome
VP & Director of Environmental Compliance, Vaughan-Basset Furniture Co. Inc.