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ERA Environmental


Our Founders

ERA Environmental Management Solutions was founded by partners Gary Vegh and Sarah Sajedi, with the vision of challenging the status quo of EHS compliance.

25 years ago, ERA became on of the globe’s first EHS software developers. ERA combines their passion for the planet with the ability to see ahead of the technological curve.


Gary Vegh

Co-founder, CEO, Senior Toxicologist

Gary Vegh holds a Graduate Diploma in Ecotoxicology and  Bachelor of Science specializing in Chemistry. He is Senior Toxicologist for ERA’s Sustainability and Analyst teams.

Acting Member of the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment, representing the technology arm of sustainability projects across North America.

Decades of hands-on experience consulting and collaborating with manufacturers across the globe, with industry-leading expertise into automotive sustainability.

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Sarah Sajedi

Co-founder, CEO, CTO

Sarah Sajedi acts as ERA Environmental CEO and CTO, leading the EHS scientist, chemists, researchers and software development teams.

Named a Woman of Influence by the RBC for Sustainability (2012) and Trail Blazing Entrepreneurship (2014).

Recipient of the national Sara Kirke award for women leadership in technology from Canadian Advanced Technology Alliance.

Stevie Award winner for women in technology sector. 

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