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    Introducing: Thwarting the Singularity

    The role of the automobile manufacturing industry in reversing climate change

    With concern for the environment reaching a fever pitch, every sector is scrambling to implement measures to reduce their environmental impact that will satisfy consumer demands.

    This series of articles will seek to address some of the gaps in understanding preventing automotive manufacturers from executing policies founded in corporate sustainability practices.

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    Topics: Environmental Management, Supply Chain

    Sustainability in The Automotive Coating Industry

    Sustainability has become a common buzzword within the manufacturing industry, but there are countless applications within any given industry. Of particular concern in today’s economic and ecological climate are air emissions from the automotive industry – particularly from the chemicals used when painting or applying other coatings. So what does sustainability mean when we talk about automotive coating operations?

    First off, let’s establish a working definition of sustainability, which in itself can be a challenge within the manufacturing sector. A commonly accepted definition of sustainability was popularized by the 1992 Brundtland Report highlighting the interconnectedness of the economy, the environment, and the social spheres. Among other things, the report sought to shed light on “how to meet our needs without compromising the needs of future generations.”

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    Topics: Sustainability, Air Management

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