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    Tier II Reporting Checklist: Resources To Make Your Tier II Reporting Easier

    Gathering information to file your Tier II report is a meticulous endeavor, so we want to take a load off your shoulders, by offering you a tool to facilitating your reporting process: The Tier II Checklist.

    Having a checklist allows you to check off what you did while keeping you aware of what needs to be done. It’s a proven technique to staying organized and by doing so, you don’t miss any key steps.

    You want to make sure that you haven’t left any rock unturned because this could cost you and your facility hefty fines, more work and jeopardize the safety of your workers, first responders and surrounding community.

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    Tier II Reporting: What Software Do I Need?

    The Emergency Right-To-Know-Act (ECPRA) / SARA Title III

    In order to be in accordance with Section 312 of the Emergency Right-to-Know-Act of 1986 (ECPRA),  also known as SARA Title III, facility owners and managers are required to report specific information on hazardous materials stored above various thresholds. This report, known as Tier II, must be sent to your Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC), your local fire station, and to your State/Tribal Emergency Response Commission (SERC/TERC) by March 1, each year. Tier II reports are crucial for informing first responders, such as firefighters, and communities living nearby your facility what types of hazardous materials are being used in your facility. This is important in terms of emergency planning, but also for public health.

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    What You Need to Know About Section 608 of CAA: Using Refrigerant R-22 in 2020

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    TRI Toxic Release Inventory Reporting: What it is, Why it Matters, and How to Do it Correctly

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    What it Means to Be Green?

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    EHS Compliance in Texas: Preparing for a TCEQ Investigation

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    Can I Still Use EPA TANKS? What You Need to Know Right Now

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    A Lesson in Environmental Management from Green Builders


    What You Need to Know about Management of Change

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    The EPA offers more transparency with TSCA New Chemical Reviews

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