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    7 Steps to Automate Incident Management Processes

    What Is Incident Management?

    Incident management refers to a systematic process which an organization utilizes to quickly identify, analyze, address and document incident related problems – including who, what, where, when, and why. Successful implementation of an incident management system supports organizational growth. One of the keys to having a successful incident management process is to keep it simple and straightforward. Automation is the best way to make this process simple, especially when a wide and different variety of tasks needs to be done by those affiliated at various levels of your organization. So many businesses across the globe are turning to automation to assist with the numerous different aspects of their operations, and incident management is no different.

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    How to Prepare for ISO 14001 Certification

    What is ISO 14001 Certification and How to Prepare for It?

    ISO 14001 is considered the gold standard when it comes to businesses demonstrating a commitment to environmental management. Developed by the experts at the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 14001 lays out the ground work for an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). Over a quarter of a million organizations globally have an ISO 14001 certificate, with some of the world's greenest businesses touting their ISO certification as part of their sustainability accomplishments and / or choosing to do business only with other ISO 14001 certified suppliers.  



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