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    The Importance of Carcinogenicity GHS Classification for Shop Floor Workers

    Short-term and long-term effects of chemical exposure can have dire consequences on everyone working in a factory in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, wood and furniture, paints and coatings and manufacturing. For example, eighty-five percent of mesothelioma cases, a cancer of the tissue surrounding most internal organs, are related to occupational exposure to carcinogens.

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    Topics: SDS, Globally Harmonized System, Chemical Management

    How Automotive Surface Coating Facilities Can Demonstrate Compliance with NESHAP Emission Limitations

    Monitoring and reducing the Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) emitted during manufacturing activities, should be a priority for all facilities. The stationary source standards governing HAP emissions in manufacturing are known as the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants (NESHAPs). Today we will discuss the changes made to Subpart IIII for the Surface Coating of automobiles and light-duty trucks, particularly how to demonstrate compliance using reference tables.

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    Topics: Environmental Management

    Calculating Acute Toxicity Estimates and Determining Hazard Classification

    Topics: SDS, Globally Harmonized System

    The Simple Way to Address Your Chemical and Product Approval Hurdles

    Topics: EHS Software, Environmental Management, Compliance

    Clean Water Act Hazardous Substance Planning - EPA Proposed Rule

    Topics: Environmental Management, Compliance

    Enhancing Environmental Data Using SDS Management Software

    Topics: SDS, Chemical Management

    Understanding TRI Motor Vehicle Exemption: What Does It Mean for You?

    Topics: TRI

    TRI Reporting Best Practice: Using National Emissions Inventory (NEI) Data to Catch Red Flags

    Topics: TRI, NEI

    Private Labeling in the Chemical Industry — The Software Solution for SDS

    Topics: SDS, Globally Harmonized System, Chemical Management

    Tips for Preparing for Your First TRI Report as a Natural Gas Processing (NGP) Facility

    Topics: TRI, Environmental Management