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ERA Environmental Blog

    What it Means to Be Green?

    This article was written for the ERA EHS Blog by John Bradburn. John is an ERA expert partner, developing and advising on ERA sustainability solutions. He is the former Global Waste Reduction Manger for General Motors and was dubbed GM’s MacGyver for his uncanny knack to devise unconventional uses for everyday waste. His expertise as a sustainability champion is recognized at the international level. 

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    Topics: Environmental Management, Waste Management

    EHS Compliance in Texas: Preparing for a TCEQ Investigation

    As any business owner operating in Texas knows, Texas is one of the most strictly regulated states in terms of a facility’s environmental, health, and safety performance. This regulatory environment has produced some of the most innovative manufacturing technologies and protected the environment and the health of the public.

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    Topics: Compliance

    Can I Still Use EPA TANKS? What You Need to Know Right Now

    Topics: Environmental Management

    A Lesson in Environmental Management from Green Builders


    What You Need to Know about Management of Change

    Topics: Incident Management

    The EPA offers more transparency with TSCA New Chemical Reviews

    Topics: Chemical Management

    Re-imagining H&S: Internet of things (IoT) for Health & Safety

    Topics: Incident Management

    Environmental Management

    Topics: Environmental Management

    Pollinators, Biodiversity, and Industry: How it All Fits Together

    Topics: Sustainability

    How to Improve Decision Making with Environmental Data Management