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    The Simple Way to Address Your Chemical and Product Approval Hurdles

    Having a solid chemical purchasing and approval process is the ideal way to prevent undocumented hazardous chemicals from entering the workplace. To implement an efficient strategy that is free of hurdles, you must possess a clear picture of the information required for approval, the methods for collecting information, the departments it must pass through, and the actions that need to be taken in case the product is rejected.

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    Topics: EHS Software, Environmental Management, Compliance

    Clean Water Act Hazardous Substance Planning - EPA Proposed Rule

    If you run or manage an onshore facility that works with hazardous chemicals, then you’ve most likely heard of the new rule the EPA proposed earlier this year, in which the agency states it intends to enforce facility response plans, or FRPs, for worst case discharges of Clean Water Act hazardous substances. The rule itself is the result of a consent decree (resolved in March 2020) requiring the EPA to sign a proposed rule within two years and issue a final version of it 30 months after the proposal’s publication, meaning we can expect it to pass into law sometime around September of 2024.

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    Topics: Environmental Management, Compliance

    Enhancing Environmental Data Using SDS Management Software

    Topics: SDS, Chemical Management

    Understanding TRI Motor Vehicle Exemption: What Does It Mean for You?

    Topics: TRI

    TRI Reporting Best Practice: Using National Emissions Inventory (NEI) Data to Catch Red Flags

    Topics: TRI, NEI

    Private Labeling in the Chemical Industry — The Software Solution for SDS

    Topics: SDS, Globally Harmonized System, Chemical Management

    Tips for Preparing for Your First TRI Report as a Natural Gas Processing (NGP) Facility

    Topics: TRI, Environmental Management

    Natural Gas Processing Facilities are Now Subject to Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) Reporting

    Topics: TRI, Environmental Management

    How An Environmental Data Management System Helps You Avoid EPA Fines for Environmental Violations

    Topics: Environmental Management

    Leveraging the Overlap Between GHG Compliance and Sustainability Reporting

    Topics: Sustainability, Environmental Management, Compliance