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    Exploring the Addition of PFAS for Your 2020 TRI Report

    As TRI reporting season approaches it is important to note a significant change for the 2020 reporting year. The major TRI change this year is the addition of PFAS to the TRI list. The EPA has added 172 polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) to the Toxic Release Inventory chemical list as of June 2020. These chemicals must be reported for your TRI report that is coming up for the 2020 reporting year. This follows Section 7321 of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The deadline for reporting these chemicals is July 1st. If your industry manufactures, processes or uses any listed PFAS you must remember to include these chemicals in your TRI report this year if you exceed the reporting threshold.

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    Title V Air Permit: Everything You Need to Know About the Operating Permit.

    Permitting is an effective way of enforcing Clean Air Act (CAA) regulations for various facilities. One of the major ways to enforce these regulations is through the Title V operating permit.

    If you are looking for a rundown on everything Title V along with some helpful improvement and streamlining tips, this article covers the Title V Clean Air Act operating permit in detail.

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    Get ready to file your Green House Gas Report

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    Tier II Reporting: The Pros and Cons of Tier II Data Calculation Methods

    Topics: Tier II

    Tier II Reporting: An Overview And Run Down of Everything Tier II

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    RCRA facts: An Overview of the Hazardous Waste Management Law

    Topics: Waste Management

    How to Improve Air Compliance Using Industrial Waste Management

    Topics: Waste Management

    The Simple Way to Assess Your Hazardous Waste Report Obligations

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    How to Use Industrial Waste Management for Pollution Prevention

    Topics: Waste Management

    BBSO (Behavior based Safety Observations): the Secret Ingredient to Safety Management Success

    Topics: EHS Training, Incident Management