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The ERA Family

ERA environmental management solutions is a sincere company with innovative visions. Together, we grow bigger and stronger.
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The Environmental Team

Meet the front-line team. The environmental team specializes in navigating regulatory processes. These services are particularly important for businesses and organizations that need permits to operate or to make changes to their operations, as non-compliance with regulatory requirements can result in significant fines and legal consequences. By providing guidance and support throughout the permitting process, permitting services to help ensure that activities are conducted in a safe and responsible manner while minimizing delays and potential for non-compliance.

Ariel Broca

Environmental Project Manager

Ariel Broca is an environmental team project manager at ERA Environmental Management Solutions and has been with the company since 2017. She holds a Bachelor of Science from Concordia University with a Specialization in Environmental Sciences. Ariel manages the progress of projects for the environmental team as well as internal development projects related to software upgrades, KPIs and dashboard features.

Raphael Dilks

Environmental Scientist

Raphael Dilks is an Environmental Scientist involved in environmental compliance reporting at ERA Environmental Management Solutions. He holds a Masters of Environmental Engineering from Montreal’s Ecole de Technologie Superieure, where he specialized in water resources management, as well as system dynamics. He is notably working with clients associated to the furniture, metal, chemical and automotive sectors.

Rami Yousef

Environmental Scientist

Rami Yousef is a chemical engineer and ERA environmental scientist. He currently specializes in environmental sustainability, ESG reporting, and tracking the effects of chemicals on the environment.

Jacob Cormier

Environmental Scientist

Jacob is an environmental scientist at ERA. He specializes in emissions inventories and Tier II reporting, and currently holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and Environmental Studies while working on finishing his Master’s in Chemical Engineering.


Ezra Lapinid

Environmental Scientist
Ezra Lapinid is a scientist for the Environmental team. She graduated from the university of Santo Tomas with a degree in Chemistry and has since been using that chemical expertise to provide tech support, fix bugs, and facilitate client database setups for ERA’s Miscellaneous and Tanks modules. She has also focused her attention on ERA’s TRI reporting software and its data integration capabilities, which she will now present together with Julia.

Madison Meades

Science Content Writer

Madison Meades is an environmental scientist and technical writer at ERA Environmental Management Solutions. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Agriculture and Environmental Sciences from McGill University, from which she graduated with Environmental Honors. Madison specializes in technical writing and the presentation and synthesis of complex information.

Elshan Bagherzadegan

Elshan Bagherzadegan

Business Systems Analyst

Elshan is a Business Systems Analyst at ERA, where she has worked for the past one and a half years. She has a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Sustainable Energy Development, both of which she obtained at the University of Calgary.

Poojan Patel

Environmental Scientist

Poojan Patel is an Environmental Scientist ERA Environmental Management Solutions. He holds a Master of Chemical Engineering from McGill University, with a specialization in Sustainability in Engineering and Design. At ERA, Poojan exercises his passion of working towards environmental compliance, by providing tech support and working on system improvements to keep up with the regulatory changes.

Alexandra Leveille Kunst

Alexandra Kunst

Environmental Scientist