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The ERA Family

ERA environmental management solutions is a sincere company with innovative visions. Together, we grow bigger and stronger.
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The University Affiliated Research Team

-- ERA Members --

The university-affiliated research team is responsible for conducting research studies, experiments, and collecting data to provide insights and solutions to problems. The team works together with academia to design and execute research projects, analyze results, and communicate findings via the appropriate channels. 


Sarah Sajedi

Co-founder, CEO, Director of Research & Development

Sarah Sajedi is an award-winning environmental expert and co-founder of ERA Environmental Management Solutions, a leading provider of EHSQ Management Software for the manufacturing industry, including automotive, aerospace, chemicals, paints & coatings, general manufacturing, and more. She has over twenty-six years of experience helping large and small manufacturers improve their environmental performance and regulatory compliance, with specific expertise in automation and artificial intelligence.

A certified Environmental Professional, Sarah has taught across North America about emissions accounting, compliance automation, and EH&S management. Sarah is passionate about sustainability and technology. She founded ERA with the vision of combining the very best environmental expertise with cutting edge programming.

Gary Vegh

Co-founder, CEO, Senior Toxicologist

Gary Vegh is a recognized speaker and educator who works with international manufacturing associations to advise on issues of sustainability, supply chain issues, and advanced compliance strategies. Gary holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Toxicology from Concordia University and is an active member of the Society of Toxicology, the American Coatings Association, the Chemical Institute of Canada, and the Supplier’s Partnership for the Environment. He has over twenty-six years of expertise in the compliance and environmental sustainability fields, with experience as a consultant, a software solution architect, and entrepreneur.

Gary works closely with environmental executives from the manufacturing industry and Fortune 500 companies to develop new tools and strategies to improve their environmental footprints, including cradle-to-cradle waste management, battery recycling, and parts provenance tracking. He also oversees partnership projects with major international OEMs, particularly in the automotive industry, to help design environmental management solutions for new facilities and operations.

Andrei Toma

Software Development Manager

Andrei holds a mechanical engineering diploma from the Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest-Romania, with Highest Honors / Valedictorian in the field of fluids and hydraulic equipment. He has since pursued a career in software development and is currently responsible for developing the EH&S software at ERA Environmental.

Steve Sporea

Software Development Manager

Steve holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering and has acquired expert knowledge on secure online transactions and databases. During his illustrious career at ERA Environmental, he has established an impressive track record of accomplishments. Today, Steve is a major part of ERA’s success story and leads programming and development projects.

The University Affiliated Research Team

-- University of Waterloo Members --

Proactive Software Performance Assurance

Weiyi (Ian) Shang

Dr. Weiyi (Ian) Shang

Associate Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo.

Lizhi Liao

PHD student
Haonan Zhang

Haonan Zhang

PHD student

The University Affiliated Research Team

-- Concordia Members --

ML-based user input verification and anomaly detection

Dr. Tse-Hsun (Peter) Chen

Associate Professor
Dept. of Computer Science and Software Engineering Concordia University

Dong Jae Kim

PHD student
Dong Jae Kim is a Ph.D. student in Software Engineering at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada. He is a research assistant in the Software PErformance, Analysis, and Reliability (SPEAR) Lab. His research interests include software testing and using artificial intelligence for software engineering. He is also an embedded researcher at ERA Environmental Management Solutions. His research interests include anomaly detection in the user-input verification systems and customer user behavior forecasting.