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The ERA Family

ERA environmental management solutions is a sincere company with innovative visions. Together, we grow bigger and stronger.
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The SQL Team

Meet the Innovative team. A SQL (Structured Query Language) Team is a group of professionals who specialize in working with databases using SQL. The team is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining databases and ensuring that data is accurately stored and easily accessible. They work closely with software developers, data analysts, and data scientists to ensure that the database structure aligns with the needs of the organization. The SQL team is skilled in database administration, data modeling, query optimization, and data integration. They use their knowledge of SQL to create complex queries that extract meaningful insights from data and facilitate data-driven decision making. They are also responsible for ensuring the security and privacy of data by implementing access controls and data encryption. The SQL team plays a critical role in the success of the organization by providing accurate and timely access to data that can be used to drive innovation, increase efficiency, and improve decision making.


Andrei Toma

Software Development Manager

Andrei holds a mechanical engineering diploma from the Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest-Romania, with Highest Honors / Valedictorian in the field of fluids and hydraulic equipment. He has since pursued a career in software development and is currently responsible for developing the EH&S software at ERA Environmental.

Ardalan Panahifar

Ardalan Panahifar

Manager/Senior SQL & Reports Developer
Manveer Singh Pabla

Manveer Singh

Senior SQL & Reports Developer
Zeeshan Ahmed

Zeeshan Ahmed

Manager/Senior SQL Developer(Consultant)
Abdelatif Hamani

Abdelatif Hamani

Intermediate SQL & Reports Developer
Muhammad Latif

Muhammad Latif

SQL & Reports Developer(Consultant)

Jazib Amjad

SQL and Reports Developer(Consultant)
Abdullah Khalil

Abdullah Khalil

Junior SQL & Reports Developer(Consultant)
Abdul Ghaffar-modified

Abdul Ghaffar

SQL and Reports Developer(Consultant)
Yasamin Soleymani

Yasamin Soleymani

SQL Consultant