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Automated LMS Training & Management


Reduce Accidents and Track Employee Progress with this Inclusive Training Platform

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ERA’s Training module is designed to fully optimize your employees’ training. This fully automated, SCORM compliant, and flexible Learning Management System (LMS) delivers the best possible training plan for all your workers, facilitating your progress towards an accident-free and fully OSHA compliant workplace. Ensure that all training is delivered on time, progress is tracked, and scores are recorded – all as hands-on or as hands-free as you want.

ERA’s Training Tracker software differs from other Health & Safety management tools by adapting to any type of training and any subject matter. The ERA Training Module integrates completely with:

  • SCORM training courses - any SCORM course your team needs can be easily delivered and tracked through the ERA module.
  • Customized training courses - build your own training courses that meet your individualized needs.
  • Videos, photos, and multimedia - anything your trainees need to view can be seamlessly included through the training software.
  • Quizzes and exams - Ensure material has been understood and track scores of trainees.

Integrated Training Management Across Your Business

As part of the comprehensive EHS Platform from ERA, the Training module integrates fully with  other essential ERA management tools and third-party applications to drive a powerful, comprehensive training system:

  • The training tracking tools can be connected to ERA's incident reporting and Root Cause Analysis tools to determine the training history, training score, and missed training of any employee involved in an incident.
  • Import and export data directly to and from HR applications.
  • Plan automated sessions well in advance, including refresher courses. The system automatically sends alerts and delivers the training as needed - no manual intervention required.
  • Attach certificates, photos, and images to training files as required. Employees can receive customized certificates upon completion of specific training courses.
  • Set deadlines and alerts to stay on top of your business’s training needs. Automated email alerts and reminders keep staff on track and working to their best potential. 

This module facilitates the planning and delivery of employee training to meet the specific needs of your working environment, delivering a fully customizable and SCORM-compliant Learning Management System with all the adaptability you need.

Training Management - Tracking and Strategy

For executives and managers, keeping on top of your training program and ensuring employees have all the training they need to be productive can be a challenge. ERA gives you the tools and KPIs to know how your staff is performing, how efficient your training program is, and how to improve your systems.

In-depth and at-a-glance KPI tracking gives you adaptive business insight into your training successes and opportunities for growth. KPIs are reports are fully customizable, giving you control over the information that you want and need to see.

On-demand KPIs show you in straightforward metrics:  

  • Who in your organization has received training, who is currently taking training courses, and who still needs training.
  • The exact details and dates of any training provided.
  • Employee scores on quizzes and tests, broken down by session and by overall performance. 
  • Upcoming and automated training renewals and refresher courses.
  • Deadlines, missed sessions, and other alerts about any employee, session, or course. 

Moreover, this employee tracking software represents a fully secure and centralized location where you can access the essential training program records and documentation that your regulator requires.

On the Go Training Tool  

The Training module is web-based, and can be accessed from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. Training courses can be delivered or completed on the go, and reporting/KPIs can be viewed on the fly. 

Additionally, as an ERA client, you can download and use the ERA-IMAXINAR app (iOS and Android available) to log into your H&S module, allowing you to review tasks, track progress, reschedule training and keep in touch with your training from any location.

The above features ensure you have all the support you need to effectively implement a training program and associated schedule, with every employee’s training needs accounted for.

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