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SDS Management Software

ERA's SDS Management Software empowers you to securely store and share your SDS library allowing you to access premium digital storage features in an easy-to-use platform.

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Safety Data Sheets

Say goodbye to inaccessible SDS stored in bulky files and binders by implementing ERA's centralized SDS Management System


Safety & Compliance

Protect your employees from chemical hazards while staying in compliance with GHS, CLP, OSHA, and WHMIS standards


SDS Library

Gain full control over your entire SDS library including in-house SDS, supplier SDS, and historical SDS revisions

ERA's Software is a new way of managing SDS with accuracy

Mitigate health and safety risks while keeping thousands of SDS files digitally organized in a single, secure, user-friendly platform.

Why ERA?

ERA provides a comprehensive SDS Management platform which effectively safeguards against compliance gaps in your chemical hazard communication strategy. This automated solution centralizes, digitizes, organizes, and archives your entire SDS library.

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Built With Your Employees in Mind

User-friendly platform for all technology levels. Search for SDSs without logging into the system and bypass complex logins during emergencies with quick links.

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SDS Management for Transparency and Accuracy

Strict data quality controls, keeping your business in compliance with the Globally Harmonized System's stringent accuracy standards.

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SDS Management from Anywhere

SDS Finder Mobile App available on both iOS and Android devices allowing you to access your entire SDS library from anywhere in your facility.

Key Benefits and Features

SDS upkeep with tracked revision dates

We monitor SDS expiry dates, so you don't have to. Entered SDS are updated on time with information directly from the vendor to reflect up-to-date hazard classifications. Whenever you change or update a chemical in one of your blends, you'll be able to see every SDS potentially affected.

SDS Finder App for digital SDS Access

ERA's SDS Management software app provides SDS viewing, searching, and sharing over any mobile device. A streamlined interface gives you access to your entire SDS library anywhere in your facility or out in the field. It even can be used to share vital chemical hazard information with emergency responders, medics, or firefighters in the event of an emergency or exposure. 

Audit Trails for your SDS management strategy

Built-in audit trails keep track of who has created, approved, or shared any of your SDSs. Chemical inventory reporting and tracking can be achieved through the provided comprehensive reports and at-a-glance executive KPIs. Historical SDS revision tracking used for timely audit trails and more accurate reporting over any period of time - know which chemical was in use for any task at any point in time and see how your processes have changed over time. 

SDS Management for Regulatory Compliance

Protect your employees from chemical hazards while also protecting your confidential business information and blends. 
Carcinogenicity GHS Classification

GHS & PPE pictograms for employee protection

Users easily view any GHS and PPE pictograms associated with raw materials to properly plan how to handle chemicals and any relevant risks.


Frequent regulatory updates from ERA's MCL

Users save the time spent on product research. ERA's Master Chemical List is built to provide accurate and up-to-date regulatory data instantly.

Storage oil tanks in Oil refinery

Enhanced traceability of chemical storage location

Users can quickly find a stored chemical through uploaded maps of the storage facility allowing  seamless navigation to the required chemical.

SDS Management Software Brochure

Learn more about our safety data sheet management tool by requesting our detailed brochure.

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Why our clients love ERA


ERA has been a valuable partner in managing more than 500 products.

With more than 500 unique products to manage, we needed an efficient and effective solution for creating compliant domestic and international SDSs and labels. ERA has been a valuable partner, helping us to save time and providing peace of mind knowing we comply with the most current regulations. They offer the flexibility we require to handle our evolving product range. The ERA team has supported us throughout the training and implementation process.
Mark Joshi, Ph.D.
Vice President, R&D Hawk Research Laboratories, LLC


My company has used this software for 21 years.

My company has used this software for 21 years in a furniture manufacturing environment, even before it was made web-based. Our finishing material suppliers submit their information directly to ERA, which makes our record-keeping much easier. It has always been easy for me to get technical support, right up to the top of ERA if needed. I am very pleased with our relationship with ERA.
Barry Branscome
VP & Director of Environmental Compliance Vaughan Bassett.


We rely on ERA for SDS and EDS generation & HAPs search

ERA’s software has made operations infinitely easier by readily providing SDS generation and air report generation. We also use it to determine the theoretical density for new products. Without this, it would be challenging to determine new product formulae. We also enjoy the technical support from ERA scientists. They provide detailed walkthroughs for every question and always have resources available for further assistance, such as help file PDFs and video resources.
Krishna Gajjar
Regulatory Associate, Blueridge Solvents