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Risk Management

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Improve Your Risk Management Process

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When your organization is home to numerous manufacturing processes and countless workplace safety hazards, the task of managing workplace safety and risk is increasingly difficult. The solution for your H&S Management team is to centralize your safety data in a single secure database, standardize your operations, and automate your safety processes.

ERA’s Risk Management software provides sites with a platform to customize risk evaluations and assessments based on industry-specific requirements. ERA software enables H&S Managers to implement best practices, and with the support of ERA’s Health and Safety expert consultants you can improve your health and safety outcomes and reduce risk.

  • Faster and more accurate risk assessments using standardized smart forms
  • More efficient risk mitigation using automated risk management task delegation, alerts, and tracking
  • Better business intelligence with risk KPIs, roll up reports, benchmarking, and an executive dashboard
  • Manage and report risks from anywhere through ERA’s secure mobile app – immediately report risks the moment and wherever they occur

Risk Management Software Capabilities

Using ERA’s comprehensive Risk Management Software module empowers you to identify, analyze, control, and close risks across your entire organization. Our system was designed by safety researchers to automate your risk management processes to save time and improve reporting accuracy.

The risk management platform from ERA automates:

  • The creation of risk repository created from different modules including (ISO, Management of Change, Incident reporting, and more)
  • The ability to constantly register and update risks coming from other integrated ERA modules
  • Performing Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Monitoring and control risks through the project
  • Prioritize the risk based on category
  • Planning risk responses
  • Assigning risk ownership as part of mitigation and management roles

Streamline your risk management process through automatic notifications and KPIs to stay up-to-date with compliance duties and tasks. ERA Risk Management experts can implement the software and customize workflows for your organizational needs.

Comprehensive Risk Management System 

Your complete Risk Management platform comes with a built-in standardized risk breakdown structure which we further configure specifically to your business:

  • External (Regulatory, environmental, government, etc.)
  • Management (Project Management, Resourcing, Organization, etc.)
  • Technical (Design, Performance, Safety, Security, etc.)
  • Commercial Risk (Internal procurement, suppliers & Vendors, Clients, etc.)

Achieve greater capacity to prevent or mitigate events that can impact corporate goals and objectives. ERA’s Risk Management framework software measures risks to create a practical, sustainable risk assessment through:

1- Risk Identification

Have a deliberate and systematic guide to identify and document your key risks. Our software examines risk within the context of your company’s objectives and generate a comprehensive inventory of risks based on the threats and events that might prevent, delay, or enhance the achievement of the objectives.

  • Risk Category (RBS)
  • Risk Description
  • Risk Source (module)
  • Risk ID

2- Risk Analysis and Evaluation

Built-in risk analysis strategies help your company analyze and evaluate risk in detail.

  • Qualitative risk analysis
  • Quantitative risk analysis

3- Risk response and Control

Craft a planning and decision-making process whereby your stakeholders decide how to deal with organizational risks.

  • Risk Response Category
  • Risk Contingency Plan
  • Fallback Plan
  • Risk Owner
  • Residual Risk

Risk Registration and Risk Analysis Tools

With ERA’s Risk Management Software you can: Create and register multiple risks

  • Get automated alerts about risks and CAPA tasks emailed to you, your team, and key stakeholder executives
  • Identify and select primary risk impact area(s)
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative Risk Assessments
  • Prioritize actions with automatic Risk Ranking/Scoring
  • Assign multiple controls for a single risk
  • Delegate risk ownership to team members along with deadlines and follow up actions
  • Integrate with your employee database and other tools to automatically populate smart forms
  • View Executive Risk Dashboards for real-time insights into your risk KPIs and other performance factors

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