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Management of Change (MOC) 


Change Management Made Simple

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Managing every temporary and permanent change in your facility is a nonstop process that requires the participation of several stakeholders. That's why you need an MOC tool that:

  • Makes it easy to communicate between members of the change management team
  • Streamlines your data input and speeds up your response to a change request
  • Eliminates redundant data entry and cuts out systemic inefficiencies
  • Provides visibility into ongoing requests, trainings, and status updates
  • Boosts your confidence in your standardized MOC protocols

Ensure Proper Protocol is Followed with Automated Software

Wherever and whenever a change needs to take place, ERA's MOC software automates its management for you. With its smart forms system configured to suit your organizational structure and process maps, the right data will be captured and conveyed to the other team members at every step of the change process, from initial risk assessment to final review and task activation.

Take advantage of Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) and Pre-Startup Safety Review (PSSR) tools built into the MOC workflow and consolidate your Process Safety Management in a single, secured platform. Rest easy knowing that the entirety of your change procedures are OSHA-compliant and safe for the employees on the ground.

A Complete MOC Toolset in One Central, Web-based Platform

Change Request Generation

Rapidly respond to any alteration in your production processes by submitting change request forms in under five minutes.

Risk Identification

Ensure your team's safety by identifying risks and any health and safety hazards associated with a proposed change.

Task Delegation and Notification

Assign tasks and corrective and preventive actions to your change management team with the click of a button. Keep them in the loop with automated status notifications.

Training Program Overview

Delegate training tasks needed to proceed with a change and track your employees' progress via training scores and other KPIs.

Approval Process

Thanks to unique identifiers, only qualified personnel will move the change through its approval stages, guaranteeing that every necessary task is present and no extraneous task is included. Members of the change management team can effortlessly request or provide approval from their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Progress Tracking

Oversee the progression of every assigned task and change request with dashboard widgets that display high-level and granular views by stage, priority, and location.

Transparency and Audit Trails

Be prepared for an OSHA audit or inspection. Pull detailed summary reports and document controls on the entire process of any change procedure.

Take Your Change Management to the Next Level

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Change Management FAQ

What is Management of Change?

Management of Change (MOC) is the written and performed procedures an organization adheres to when undertaking any operational change involving the use, storage, manufacturing, handling, or the on-site movement of highly hazardous chemicals. MOC is used to ensure this change is planned properly and executed in accordance with health and safety regulations (OSHA 1910.119), thereby minimizing all known risks associated with it.  

What is Management of Change Software?

Management of Change Software is a tool used to electronically assist with change management processes. Some MOC software solutions are simply a repository for your MOC documents, while others help you create entire MOC projects and standardize your methodology.

Is MOC Necessary for Every Change?

Although OSHA does not, by law, require a fully documented MOC plan for every type of operational change, it is considered a fundamental best practice to create an MOC plan in nearly every case. MOC is focused on preventing self-inflicted losses, so even a small change will benefit from a degree of planning and documentation. ERA provides a fully flexible and configurable MOC workflow that can be tailored to any type of change, letting you implement the appropriate change management measures for any type of change.