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Management of Change 


Change Management Made Simple

Management of Change Explainer Video Draft #3

Management of Change (MOC) is an unending process for any organization. That’s why you need a change management tool that gives you:

  • Easy to track, transparent communication between stakeholders and crew
  • Visibility into ongoing change management projects and status updates
  • Less data to enter and the ability to respond faster
  • Confidence that change management procedures are being followed

Ensure Proper Protocol is Followed with Automated Change Control Software

Change is inevitable, so being prepared to manage change is paramount. Wherever and whenever change needs to take place, Change Management Software from ERA Software Solutions gives you control over the entire process. From initial risk assessments to stakeholder notifications and more, ERA’s MOC software automates each step for you.

When you use our Management of Change software, you get streamlined data management, automated communication between stakeholders, progress tracking, and simplified task delegation all through one web-based SaaS platform.

MOC software from ERA uses a smart forms system configured to suit your organizational structure and process maps. It comes built-in with dynamic workflows that capture data at every step of your change process, eliminating redundant data entry and maximizing efficiency.

A Complete Management of Change Toolset in One Central Platform

Risk Identification

Identify the foreseeable risks and safety hazards associated with any proposed change, rank them according to severity, and view it all in through risk Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Change Team Identification

Create a change management team for any project and the ERA system will ensure these stakeholders get automated alerts and notifications on the status of your project and any CAPA tasks required. Our smart form system makes communicating with your change team more efficient and lets you delegate tasks to any team member with the click of a button. 

Stakeholder Notification

Keep your executives, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders in the loop with automated status notifications throughout the entire Management of Change process. You decide the rules for sending alerts and the ERA system handles the rest.

Training Program Management

Determine which training (or retraining) is needed to proceed with any change, and delegate training tasks to your change team. Track which employees have completed the required training and see training scores and other KPIs.

Approval Process

Easily request or provide approvals on proposals directly through your mobile device or desktop. Document controls and audit trails ensure every step of your change management process is approved and transparent.

Transparency and Audit Trails

Generate detailed reports about your entire MOC process, including all approvals and all responsible persons for each step. Be fully prepared should you get visited by any OSHA auditor or inspector.

Take Your Change Management to the Next Level

It’s time to rethink how you approach change management – let ERA show you our complete MOC software platform and how it will improve your MOC process from start to finish. Click the button below to request your customized demo.

  • Centralize all your forms, documents, and data into one secure database.
  • Standardize processes and ensure protocol is followed for any change.
  • Eliminate redundant data entry and cut out systemic inefficiencies. 

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Change Management FAQ

What is Management of Change?

Management of Change (MOC) is the written and performed procedures an organization adheres to when undertaking any operation change to a process or processed material. MOC is used to ensure this change is done in accordance with health & safety regulations (OSHA 1910.119) and to minimize all known risks associated with that change through proper planning and assessment.  

What is Management of Change Software?

Management of Change Software (also known as MOC software) is a tool used to electronically assist with change management processes – however, some MOC software platforms contribute more than others. Some MOC software solutions are simply a repository for your MOC documents, while others help you create entire MOC projects and standardize your methodology. Management of Change software from ERA Software Solutions has built-on workflows to standardize your entire MOC process, create MOC documentation, and automate the MOC communication process.

Is MOC Necessary for Every Change?

Although OSHA does not, by law, require a fully documented MOC plan for every type of operational change, it is considered a fundamental best practice to create an MOC plan in nearly every case. MOC is focused on preventing self-inflicted losses, so even a small change will benefit from a degree of planning and documentation. ERA provides a fully flexible and configurable MOC workflow that can be tailored to any type of change, letting you implement the appropriate change management measures for any type of change.      

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