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Inspection Tracking & Management

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Automated Inspection Management


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ERA’s Inspection module enables you to comprehensively track, streamline, and improve the efficiency of all of your EH&S inspections tasks by creating inspections with built-in automation and logic rules. 

Any inspection you perform - from a routine inspection to a one-time investigation - can be fully created, managed, and completed using the Inspection module – ensuring uniformity, standardized data, and reliable reporting.

Build and Design Inspections Tailored to Your Specific Needs


ERA Inspection module gives you configurable inspection questionnaires that you can design based on required questions, answers, and follow-up actions. Whatever the type of inspection your business needs, it can be built and put into action promptly.

Complete and Submit Inspections with Ease from Anywhere

Icon_Mobile.pngUsing ERA’s standardized, response-based process allows for the swift completion of any inspection task by any qualified team member, allowing for more agile task assignment and for the setting of dynamic and conditional deadlines. Results are automatically rolled up into performance reports, or imported if working offline.

Smart CAPA System Included – Generating Corrective and Preventive Actions

Icon_Correct.pngERA’s Inspection module provides a complete compliance solution, with a built-in CAPA (Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions) system actively ensuring all your compliance needs are met through automated follow up actions.

This rapidly reactive system actively creates and delegates tasks to cover any compliance shortfall or to respond to specific findings. By automatically setting up tasks to cover eventualities that are discovered during the inspection process, both staff time and money can be saved over a longer period. Risks are reduced and potential threats to productivity are addressed in a timely manner.

Total Executive Insight for Inspection


Executives and team leaders can easily view upcoming inspections, completed inspections, and missed deadlines, as well as any results and automated CAPA follow up actions. These reports and records can be viewed through your Executive Dashboard to provide Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) or rolled up into any number of reports for your management team or state/federal auditors. 

You’ll gain vital business intelligence to help you understand your business risks, inefficiencies, and opportunities. Pinpoint recurring issues and areas of excellence. Make your inspections productive and meaningful, all while reducing overheads and cost.

Better Inspections for Any Business

  • Fully editable and easy-to-use questionnaires, developed to meet your facility’s reporting needs.
  • A centralized and secure database of all your inspection findings and records, including reports, KPIs, as well as who completed inspections and when. 
  • Easy importing of data and exporting of lists, allowing for the easy completion of work on-the-move and in offline mode.
  • Automated follow-up actions and tasks, as the ERA Inspection module connects questionnaire answers to your underlying compliance needs.
  • Email updates to keep you and your team members fully up to date  inspection tasks, including pre-emptive warnings.

Learn how to improve your inspections today. See ERA Inspection Software in action.

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