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Safety Auditing

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AUtomated safety auditing solution 

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Safety Audit Software and Standardization that Protects your Team

With numerous of processes and countless workplace hazards, Health and Safety managers are finding the task of identifying workplace safety risks and proactively managing those risks increasingly difficult. The solution is to standardize using a single health and safety auditing software that consolidates all your risk and safety audits used by your organization. Having one reliable source of audit forms, audit findings, and preventative actions outs your H&S team in control no matter the scope or scale of audits needed across your entire enterprise.

40 CFR and 29 CFR Improve Your Safety Audits and Inspections Forms

Standardized Audit Forms, Safety Checklists, and Automated Safety Tasks


ERA’s OSHA safety audit software assesses which CFR Title 29 safety regulations are applicable to your facility and builds your personalized audit library based on your needs. Eliminate the hassle of determining which audits are required.

AuditBuilt-in 40 CFR environmental protection audits ensure you are following EPA audits to the letter, protecting both the environmental health of your community and your EPA compliance standing.

ControlControl audits across facilities and benchmark data across your entire enterprise. ERA safety management audit software allows you to supervise communications, assign tasks to workers, and check the software database to monitor the progress of your projects across facilities. Create and distribute multiple safety audit list configurations personalized to your facility across multiple sites instantly.

TrackTrack and measure the success of your auditing and pre-emptive safety efforts. Stay up-to-date and receive email notifications when deviations occur to make audits and compliance tasks seamless.

Built-In Safety Audit Checklists for OSHA 29 CFR:

  • Walking-Working Surfaces
  • Means of Egress
  • Powered Platforms, Manlifts, and Vehicle-Mounted Work Platforms
  • Occupational Health and Environmental Control
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Fire Protection / Fire Safety Audit software
  • Machinery and Machine Guarding
  • Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Other Hand-Held Equipment
  • Welding, Cutting, and Brazing

ERA’s safety auditing software for OSHA compliance, EPA compliance (and other regulatory bodies) is a centralized platform to manage, track, report and create any type of safety audit you need on site – keeping your employees safer and protecting your H&S compliance. In addition, our automated software comes complete with built-in OSHA CFR 29 audits, EPA CFR 40 audits, and checklists, all while making them simple to complete with intelligent online forms and seamless integration with your HR data. You’ll no longer worry about knowing which audits are required by your operations or that your audits aren’t aligned with OSHA standards. 

Automate your safety audits by better organizing your audits, checklists, tasks, and record keeping seamlessly. Track and monitor safety compliance with software created by our experienced safety professionals. ERA’s Safety Audit tracking software assesses your operations and product inventory to tell you exactly which OSHA safety audits are required for any process – and automates your auditing management.

How Can You Benefit from ERA’s Audit Software?

Safety Audits are the frontline of preventative defense in your workplace, protecting your employees, processes and profits. However, doing safety audits manually is one of the biggest challenges your Health & Safety department faces – it’s not always clear which audits are required, time is used inefficiently, and coordinating audit management often fails. That’s why ERA developed Safety Auditing Software that does all the heavy lifting for you and eliminates the unknowns in safety audit management.

Automatic reminders and task assignment for safety audits.

Enforces solid recordkeeping practices using data quality controls:

  • Proof of audit
  • Inspection notes
  • Audit findings
  • Corrective actions

Automated organization of your findings and communications:

  • Send email notifications to managers, teams, and/or stakeholders
  • Automated responses in case of deviations

Control and manage audits across facilities instantly and easily:

  • View all your audits and inspection notes at a glance from a central database.
  • Modify your checklists automatically in response to process changes / additions.
  • Track Health & Safety performance with KPIs and Benchmarking.
  • Connect your audits to safety metrics like incidents, near miss, and risk assessments.

Gain Confidence That All Your Auditing is on Track with ERA Safety Inspection Software

ERA’s Safety Auditing software provides sites with the necessary tools to identify and correct compliance issues suited to the risks of your organization. Managers can implement procedures alongside ERA’s Health and Safety experts to improve your health and safety outcomes and reduce risk.

Explore your auditing potential today with a customized demo of ERA’s Safety Audit software. Discover the ease of seamless with automatic reminders and task assignments for all your facility’s Safety Auditing requirements.

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