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Behavior Based Safety Observation Software

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Behavior Based Safety Observation Automation to Track Near Miss for Incident Prevention

Behavior Based Safety Observations (BBSO) also known as Near Misses, are one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to predict and prevent workplace safety incidents. However, capturing these leading Health & Safety indicators can be a challenge for any manager. ERA’s BBSO online software removes this H&S obstacle, automating and streamlining your incident reduction program from top to bottom.

Manage workplace safety by enabling your organization’s employees and Health & Safety Managers to track and record safety observations in a single, secure database. View workplace observations throughout your facility for a comprehensive look at your organization’s work practices.

ERA’s Behavior Based Safety Observation Software (BBSO) provides sites with an automated platform to analyze all observations and identify trends. Our automated software comes complete with built-in checklists customized to industry and facility specific requirements to help companies identify root causes before and incident occurs.

Track Your Workplace Observations & Behaviors

Reduce incidents using data to improve safety and eliminate unsafe work habits.

Artboard 1 copy 2Record all your observations in one central web-based SaaS system, allowing you to view related observations on mobile, desktop, or tablet. You’re able to log a safety observation the moment it happens, no matter where in the field on or off-site it happens, even offline. Remove time delays and human errors in your safety program.

Artboard 1 copy 3Automated smart forms tap into your existing HR and safety records to eliminate redundant and unnecessary data entry. Built-in dynamic BBSO forms automatically complete with available data so that entering a safety report is seamless and quick. Capture your observations faster and be confident the data is reliable.

Artboard 1Customize observation checklists and assessments or utilize ERA’s standardized checklists based on industry requirements. Record observations based on job task, observer, employee, location, equipment, and more to accurately document workplace behavior. Ensures your observation reports follow best practices and follow a uniform set of processes for easier analysis.

Artboard 1 copyCapture and measure leading indicators before incidents occur. Dynamic executive dashboards and reports keep you up-to-date. Benchmark your observation program across sites, monitor your incident reductions against near miss reporting. Get better at predicting and preventing incidents and see it all in graphical KPIs.

How Can You Benefit from ERA’s BBSO Software?

Behavior Based Safety Observations implement a safety culture within your organization. Tracking all at-risk behaviors on-site can be difficult for Health & Safety Mangers aiming to prevent incidents without a system in place to simplify data collection and roll up.  ERA’s BBSO software allows managers and workers to easily observe, report, and document at-risk workplace behaviors to assist Health & Safety Managers. BBSO empowers your organization to pinpoint repeated unsafe behaviors to lower incidents and improve your safety goals.

ERA’s Behavior Based Safety Observation Software automates the management of workplace observations using data-driven insights and business intelligence. More efficiently rectify safety issues and eliminate the unknowns in your incident records by tapping into more organized data.

Improve your workplace safety by getting a customized demo of ERA’s BBSO software. Discover the benefits of adopting a safety observation program complete with built-in checklists and tracking.

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