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Environmental Quality Management Software

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Automated solution to manage environmental quality at your facility

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Environmental Quality Management to Track Environmental Incidents

Managing environmental incidents, releases, and other environmental quality concerns is something organizations hope to be able to avoid. But even the top performing facilities can experience environmental issues, and when an incident occurs you need the ability to take immediate action. You need a system that delivers:

  • Automatic alerts to vital team members
  • Root cause analysis and risk assessment tools to determine the core of the problem
  • Tracking and visibility into the corrective actions being taken by your crew

How Environmental Quality Concern Software Helps Your Organization

Proactively manage environmental incidents within your facility with ERA’s Environmental Quality software. Workers can easily report environmental incidents and automatically notify relevant staff who can then plan and assign tasks—streamlining your incident management and reporting tasks.

ERA’s Environmental Quality Management tool is a platform created to simplify the management and communication to staff from the start of an environmental incident to its resolution. Users can automate the lifespan of every environmental incident and review, comment, accept, or reject root causes and corrective actions. Built-in management of change procedures improve the safety of existing procedures and better organize your tasks, deadlines, and reports in lieu of workplace changes.

Track and monitor safety compliance with software created by our experienced safety professionals. Dynamic executive dashboards allow you to benchmark your safety goals across sites and monitor your incident reductions. Get better at predicting and preventing incidents and see it all in graphical KPIs.

Track and Manage All Your Environmental Concerns

Organize all Environmental Risks, Corrective Actions, and Tasks

EQ 1 (4)Automate your safety communications. ERA’s software provides facilities with default Safety Alerts via email notifications informing staff and managers of environmental incidents based on your custom workflows. You’re able to log an environmental incident the moment it happens, on or off-site and even offline. Remove time delays and human errors in your safety program.

EQ 1 (3)Organize environmental incidents by severity. View all incidents with flagged alerts on environmental incidents of high importance and past due corrective actions to keep track of environmental concerns and the progress of corrective action tasks.

EQ 1 (1)Manage your list of tasks and deadlines. Track incidents and delegate corrective actions and tasks seamlessly in one central database. ERA allows you to supervise communications, assign tasks to workers, and check the software database to monitor the progress of your projects across facilities. Meet all your task and reporting deadlines with automatic email notifications.

EQ 1 (5)Maintain flexibility and organization. ERA’s Feedback Field allows managers to review, comment, accept, or reject root causes and corrective actions. Reassign tasks to keep up with changing project needs.

EQ 1 (2)Review all corrective actions and preventative corrective actions for that specific record. View the status of the assignment, who the task was assigned to, relevant dates, and completion details. Populate all the forms, information, and corrective actions associated with every environmental concern.

How Can You Benefit from ERA’s Environmental Quality Management Software?

Environmental quality management software tracks all environmental incidents with safety alerts, automatic reminders, and easy to use task assignments for all your facility’s requirements. Managing incidents on-site can be difficult and tedious for employees and Health & Safety Managers. Discover the ease of safety communications with ERA’s software.

ERA’s Environmental Incidents tool assesses your operations to automate your incident management. Prevent incidents by having a system in place to simplify, review, and record corrective actions and follow up actions. Put your H&S team in control by tracking all incidents and controlling their tasks.

Explore your incident management possibilities today with a customized demo of ERA’s Environmental Quality software. Discover the ease of seamless safety communications with automatic reminders and task assignments for all your facility’s requirements.

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