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Paints and Coatings

Health and Safety Software

The world’s leading paints and coatings providers use ERA’s software for their H&S needs.




ERA's rapid and accurate health and safety software encompasses everything from risk management to behavior based safety observations giving the paints and coatings industry an centralized H&S system.

ERA's health and safety software gives you access to a detailed list of incident causes, helping employees to conduct rapid root cause analyses using standard methodology.

OSHA-compliant safety audits included in the software's robust audit library complete with  audit forms, safety checklists, and automated safety tasks.

Customizable incident management forms for managing incident records across multiple sites for organizations with facilities that span multiple regions.


How ERA's Software Improves Paints and Coatings Industries' Health and Safety

Paints and coatings distributors use ERA's software to track purchased paints and to generate labels for them to ensure the safety of their employees and for safe chemical management handling.

ERA clients use the system to file incident reports: includes both standard OSHA reports and customizable questionnaires that go beyond basic requirements. Set up effective training to avoid repeat incidents.

The coating industry uses ERA's Health and safety software to track workplace behaviors - enabling them to effectively reduce incidents such as chemical spills and eliminating unsafe work practices.

ERA clients also track regular production processes such as production scheduling, feedstock changeovers, loading-unloading and transfer activities in the paint production processes.


ERA Gives You Accurate Incident Recording, Recall, and Corrective Action Tracking

ERA paint and coatings clients use the system to document incidents such as vehicle incidents if a driver has an accident while transporting goods between buildings on a site or if someone knocks over a toxic chemical within the facility. This ensures timely incident reporting and resolution. 

Many paint manufacturers use ERA's H&S software to automatically submit governmental reports and insurance claims with less risk of inaccurate data because of real-time incident data entry. This saves a significant amount of money from non-compliance penalties. The software also gives paint industry employees more than enough information for benefit claim forms. 

ERA paints and coatings clients often have large volumes of health and safety data that spans over multiple facilities. ERA clients use the highly configurable system to transfer large quantities of data to all intended receivers and this drastically reduces the amount of time it takes for affected employees to receive benefits or further training.

A Comprehensive Suite that Exceeds all Environmental Expectations

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