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Paints and Coatings Environmental Software

The world’s leading paints and coatings providers use ERA’s software for their EH&S and SDS needs.


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Efficient Environmental Management and Reporting for the Paints and Coatings Industry

Environmental Reporting

Effective emissions (VOC, HAPS, VHAPS) tracking covering reporting for Greenhouse Gases, NESHAPs, Tier II, TRI, NPRI, and more. Over 400 built-in reports formatted for easy upload to both local and federal e-reporting tools.

Effective Air Emissions Reporting

Track VOC and HAP content using ERA's Master Chemical list and monitor your chemical inventory. ERA's environmental module gives you up to date threshold values and helps in determining reportable chemicals.

Label Design and Printing 

Quickly and easily print secondary container labels, DoT Shipping labels, and UN shipping code labels required for your products and blends, with up-to-date Globally Harmonized System (GHS) pictograms automatically incorporated.

Communicate Environmental Data with Your Clients

Paint and coating manufacturers can use ERA's software to securely send electronic material composition data to their clients, giving them the data they need for emissions reporting at the touch of a button. 


How Paints and Coatings Industry Clients Use ERA's Environmental Management Features

ERA paints and coatings clients use the software to calculate purge solvent emissions. The software accurately determines the percentage of waste that is solvent versus used paint. This helps them determine the VOC released and track P2 activities such as recycling purge solvents.

ERA clients use the software to track storage containers from the container and material delivery to disposal. They generate labels for effective container tracking this is useful in determining product usage for emissions calculations.

Paints and coatings suppliers use the software to manage their products. They receive full 16-section SDSs for any paint or coating of their choice including unique blends. This helps them track high VOC coatings and present solutions for replacing them with low VOC content.

A large paint supplier sends updated SDSs and parsed material each month to help other paints and coatings companies with environmental reporting and blend SDS authoring.


Efficient Environmental Reporting for the Paints and Coatings Industry

ERA clients also use the software for record keeping of coatings orders and deliveries. Deliveries placed on the same day at the same time maintain separate order numbers and are directly linked to the person who has placed the order for effective inventory tracking for environmental reporting.

ERA paints and coatings clients are able to determine the reportable chemicals and their threshold for their Tier II reporting. They use the system to automatically note the chemicals that should be reported and perform maximum average calculations for Tier II report formulation. 

Paints and coatings clients use ERA's Master chemical List (MCL) to track the regulations associated with the materials that are present in their products. This helps them to monitor the VOC content used in surface coating lines for air emission reports such as Title V.

A Comprehensive Suite that Exceeds all Environmental Expectations

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