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Paints and Coatings

Compliance Software

The world’s leading paints and coatings providers use ERA’s software for their compliance needs.


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ERA is trusted by the paint and coatings industry for efficient compliance monitoring

ERA's compliance module improves your operations with efficient time tracking, compliance task deadline tracking, centralized data and reporting.

Effective compliance task monitoring allows managers to view employee performance in real-time, giving you the ability to send instructions, notifications, and updates to your team.

Automated compliance calendar equipped with notifications and alerts for both recurring and one-time compliance deadlines lets you avoid missed deadlines.

Automated smart forms accessible via desktop or mobile ensure that your compliance tasks can be completed on the field, on the road, and on site without delay. 


How the Paints and Coatings Industry Benefits from ERA's Compliance Software

Paints and coatings manufacturers use this platform to track the coating components that release the most emissions and adjust them in order to reduce emissions. This improves their environmental compliance by effectively tracking P2 activities.

ERA clients use the compliance dashboard to clearly visualize their compliance status with advanced analytics showing the status of their compliance tasks. 

The paints and coatings industry uses ERA's compliance management to effectively track training assignment and completion to ensure that each employee is sufficiently trained for health and safety compliance.

ERA clients use the software to directly upload chemical data from their vendors. This informs them of the chemicals that are present in the paints and coatings. This platform then uses chemical data to determine if reportable chemical thresholds have been reached to ensure environmental compliance.


Use ERA's Compliance Module for Full SDS Compliance and Effective Regulation Monitoring

With ERA's compliance software the paints and coatings industry receives full access to an extensive regulatory chemical list known as ERA's master chemical list (MCL) complete with corresponding GHS classifications for over 12,000 unique chemicals which is useful for every chemical used by paints and coatings distributors.

ERA helps paints and coatings companies bypass time-consuming regulatory research and manage their SDS compliance. They often take advantage of the frequent system updates that ERA's scientists provide which saves money spent on regulatory upkeep by not having to purchase an external chemical list or research for hours for regulations on a single chemical.

ERA's clients also use the system to stay on top of new regulatory information such as when new chemicals are added to the toxic release database or when CAS numbers or chemical names are changed by reporting agencies. ERA's paints and coatings clients benefit from the automatic inclusion of TRI reportable chemicals. The TRI changes are updated and ensure accurate reporting and full compliance for example the de minimis of 1,2-phenylenediamine changed to 0.1% and ERA ensures full compliance by managing this information for them.

A Comprehensive Suite that Exceeds all Environmental Expectations

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