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Chemical Environmental Management Software

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Efficient Environmental Management and Reporting for the Chemical Industry

Automate your data collection, calculations and environmental report generation.

Eliminate manual environmental data management using ERA's vast library of chemical regulatory reports. 

Automated environmental reporting including TRI, Tier II, and many more.

Advanced process and emission tracking from all types of chemical industry processes.


How Chemical Industry Clients Use ERA's Environmental Management Features

ERA EMS software completes all tank emission calculations for bulk storage tanks, in compliance with AP-42 standards giving you full report outputs replacing and exceeding EPA’s obsolete TANKS 4.09D reporting tool.

Chemical companies use ERA's EMS to track throughputs of their materials and to track the waste generated and shipped offsite for accurate environmental reporting.

Facilities in the chemical industry use ERA's environmental management module to digitally track waste containers from the time the container is requested to when it is used. This also tracks waste storage and collection for waste deduction in air emission calculations. 


Efficient Environmental Reporting for the Chemical Industry

Chemical providers track their usage records for their coatings purchased in large quantities to estimate their annual maximum amount on site for their Tier II reporting.

Efficient product management with detailed SDSs and chemical data from leading vendors and suppliers.

ERA saves chemical manufacturers an average of 80% off the time spent on manual data entry. Automated data uploads enable you to skip the thousands of forms that slow down operations in larger facilities. 

A Comprehensive Suite that Exceeds all Environmental Expectations

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