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Chemicals Compliance Software

Take Advantage of ERA's Extensive Chemical Industry Compliance Management Experience


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Automated compliance protection housed in a user-friendly platform to suit your business needs.

Effective compliance task monitoring which provides clear task histories for streamlined reporting.

Automated compliance calendar with notifications and alerts to avoid missed deadlines.

Advanced measurable and clear KPIs to visualize your compliance standing frequently.


How the Chemical Industry Benefits from ERA's Compliance Software

Chemical companies use ERA's compliance software to track 12-month rolling air emissions. This includes total VOC, total HAPS, speciated VOC/HAP to demonstrate environmental compliance. 

Large paint suppliers use ERA to send updated SDSs, parsed material, and chemical data monthly that can be used for SDS Management. This direct link ensures helps you to have accurate and up to date SDSs for compliance requirements.

Chemical industry companies frequently use ERA to document the completion of compliance events at the push of a button. They also use the system to attach the relevant permits to the recorded task for effective record keeping. 

Monitoring TRI reportable chemicals and effective tracking of pollution prevention(P2) practices. ERA clients track enough information to effectively outline P2 practices and recycling efforts for their TRI reports.


Use ERA's Compliance Module for Full SDS Compliance and Effective Regulation Monitoring

ERA possesses a list of chemicals with  corresponding GHS classifications and extensive regulatory information known as the Master Chemical List (MCL).

Chemical companies stay in compliance by taking advantage of the frequent system updates that ERA's scientists provide. They save money by not having to purchase an external chemical list or research for hours for regulations on a single chemical.

ERA's clients also use the system to stay on top of new regulatory information such as when new chemicals are added to the toxic release database; the system is updated and you can consult a compliance expert to inform you if you need to report certain chemicals.

A Comprehensive Suite that Exceeds all Compliance Expectations

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