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Water Management System

Enhance your water management and Discharge Monitoring Reporting (DMR) using ERA's signature integrated automation technology and built-in regulatory databases.


Any Discharge

Releases to streams, water bodies, and treatment plants, including storm water run-off and wastewater outfalls, are automatically tracked

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Any Report

Upload lab analytical results and water discharge quantities in bulk and automatically populate DMR, NPDES, and TRI e-upload report files


Any Objective

Comply with federal, state, and municipal regulations and monitor corporate ESG and sustainability performance within one platform

Fluid Reporting Solutions for Solid Compliance Assurance

ERA's Water suite works out your chemical discharges and wastewater treatment metrics with an arsenal of advanced data collection and calculation tools that pull from your facility's parameters and actual usage.

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Automated Reports at the Touch of a Button

ERA's pre-loaded and custom-built reports roll up all the necessary data for your regulators and reference your centralized material/process maps to ensure data quality


Quantity of pollutant discharged and pollutant concentration for a given time frame

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Network Discharge Monitoring Report as a CSV file ready for upload

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TRI Section 5.3

Pounds of TRI chemical(s) discharged to streams or water bodies


Wastewater Main Indicator Graph

Graphical output of chemical concentration for a given time frame

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Water DMR — Daily Levels

Daily pollutant concentration values and monthly average and maximum values


Product Sampling & Effluent Parameters

Every chemical at your facility, tagged or filtered according to applicable regulations

Benefits & Key Features

Comprehensive Parameters

Monitor depth of outfalls, temperature, flow rate, distance from the shore, storm water run-off (through pervious / impervious land and rainfall) and much more.

At-a-glance Metrics

Understand your water usage, utility costs, and chemical/non-chemical discharges thanks to customizable executive dashboards.

Stress-free Uploads

Make the most of direct imports of lab analytical data records and of e-files ready to submit to many federal and state e-reporting tools (such as NetDMR), no formatting or technical expertise required.

Chemical Discharge Limits

CDLs will be stored per outfall and outfall scenario with full revision tracking over time.

Integration with Other Modules

Being part of our Environmental suite, the Water Module integrates with our other compliance tools and your CMS devices to produce the most accurate representation of your water usage.

Why our clients love ERA


The BEST software to manage environmental records

ERA took the time to educate and work with our staff to develop a database that works and functions like no other system I have used before. I have been in the Environmental field for 20+years and this is THE system/software to manage environmental records/data!
Sean McCarthy
Environmental Engineer, Toyota


Proven efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance

Since implementing the first 3 modules in 2008, the system has proven its efficiency, accuracy, and overall performance. Our business unit executives regularly express their confidence in their compliance systems.
Phil Schull
V.P. Risk Management, J.B. Poindexter Co.


Customer support and help with projects are outstanding

The software takes some time to get used to, like any software. The customer support and help with projects are outstanding. They are all around fantastic; every person on the team is friendly, responsive, and very knowledgeable.
Cody Buell
Global Compliance and Sustainability Manager, La-Z-Boy