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Chemical Vendor

Partnership Program

Vendor Partnership Program

A chemical engineer is securely transferring EHS supplier data.

ERA Environmental makes sure to prioritize clients’ concerns and seek solutions. This includes the important issue of product data transfer between vendors and our clients.

ERA has created a comprehensive EHS data transfer program to facilitate our clients getting the most accurate chemicals and substance tracking and reports.

This program allows ERA Environmental to transfer vital digital chemical data directly from the vendor to your database. This secure data transfer is set up by ERA scientists, with the relevant product information then securely transferred online by the vendor to your business via ERA’s integrated software.

The net benefits of this vendor partnership program:

  • Significantly reduce the amount of time your organization spends on EH&S calculations.
  • Facilitate a completely secure data transfer method that allows manufacturers to directly and simply approve the data they have provided by vendors or suppliers.
  • Ensure your access to complete and fully up-to-date vendor product data.
  • Automatically flag and block materials that meet your banned substances lists.
Facilitating You

ERA is proud to have established a vendor partnership program that includes:

List of chemical suppliers and vendors partnered with ERA Environmental.

ERA has been actively growing and expanding this vendor partnership program for 21 years since the company’s inception. ERA has worked diligently on creating a vendor program that is now hugely useful to our industrial and manufacturing clients.

Vendor data sharing is a win-win situation. It allows your business to far more easily utilize essential material data while actively maintaining your EH&S reporting and compliance. This automated EHS Data Transfer means source product updates are always accurate, and represent a leap forward in supply chain management.

For suppliers, there is the ease of reporting properties directly via ERA’s parameters, who can then forward product information to the relevant user in a controlled and authoritative fashion. This streamlines the data process that vendors have to provide.

The source product data is fully digitized, representing a completely up-to-date and modernized resource that integrates alongside your EH&S software. The program facilitates simple integration, alongside ease-of-use when running reports.

Working with All Vendors – Including Yours

We actively work with our clients in order to introduce supply chain vendors with our vendor partnership program.

If you have a supply vendor who has not yet integrated with our program, ERA can approach and incorporate their products into our vendor partnership program.

This convenient integration can be carried out for free, with a minimum of effort on the part of the client. ERA can actively approach your vendor and supply them with all the required support to join the program, leaving you free to work with simplified data and reap the benefits of this highly beneficial partnership program.

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