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The clock is ticking on safety data sheet compliance. But when it comes to
classifying and communicating your chemical hazards, there's more to consider than
just "getting the job done" before June 2015.
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You need an SDS software solution that lets you:
Conquer Chemical Classification with Accuracy and Confidence
Be confident in the Material Safety Data you use to author and manage your SDS library. Our SDS software uses its own Master Chemical List, containing over 120,000 chemicals with up-to-date physical properties, hazards, and chemical regulatory information. The Master Chemical List is carefully curated by our team of environmental researchers and chemists, and is cross-checked against chemical lists from five regulatory bodies. In fact, we guarantee any chemical data you use from our Master Chemical List will be up to date with the most recent federal and state regulatory changes.
Preserve Proprietary Formulas
Communicating your hazard information doesn't have to mean giving up trade secrets. Our SDS management software will preserve your proprietary information and product formulas, allowing you to enter standards-compliant ranges instead of specific numbers for chemical materials.
Protect Your Employees
According to OSHA estimates, adopting new hazard communication standards in line with GHS requirements will prevent 43 fatalities and nearly 600 worker injuries or illnesses each year. With the right tools and resources in hand, your employees will be safer, healthier, and more productive.
Maintain Business Continuity
Waiting around for product data can create major supply chain impacts, costing you customers and revenue. Stop chasing suppliers, and get the data you need now. Unlike other SDS software applications, our SDS authoring software gathers precise chemical data direct from your vendors—including AkzoNobel, Sherwin Williams, DuPont, PPG, and Valspar—who upload the latest SDS information for the products you use and blend.
Access Safety Data Sheet Support
Whether you opt for on-demand SDS authoring services or ongoing SDS management services, our work is backed by in-house technical support that will never be outsourced. Our team members all hold masters/bachelor's degrees in environmental and chemical disciplines, and represent over 70 years of combined compliance experience—including expertise in GHS-SDS, MSDS, CPDS & TDS authoring.
Make Compliance Manageable
No doubt you've heard about the UN's infamous "Purple Book" (A Guide to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals). Our SDS software transforms all 536 pages of complex GHS standards and requirements into simple, manageable workflows that all your teams can understand.

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