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Why Integrated Software is Better

How most EH&S tools work:


Completely separate tools

Most EH&S tools are completely separate from each other, so many managers are forced to use an compliance tool over here, a SDS tool over there, and a Safety tool over there.

How ERA's software works:


All in one toolset

ERA’s suite of tools work together seamlessly, letting you focus on your environmental compliance and performance, not on cobbling together results from different tools.


Siloed data & reporting

The typical environmental, health & safety tool has its own analytics, its own database, and its own format. Trying to combine these into a single view takes a tedious amount of manual work.


Centralized data & reporting platform

ERA's integrated & centralized database contains data from all of ERA’s tools, so you can analyze and compare across your organization. See where specific emissions are generated, how many incidents occurred last quarter, and how they changed over time, all in one single platform.


Disconnected alerts & notifications

Practically all EH&S tools send some sort of notification or have some sort of compliance task list, but they are disconnected from real time monitoring and each other. This essentially leaves you with a glorified email notification tool that does little to help your day to day operations.


Integrated alerts & notifications

ERA’s notifications are integrated into every metric in your organization. You can get notifications when a control devices dips below performance, when you are approaching an emission limit, if a compliance task isn’t complete or when a permit renewal date is approaching.


Why Fully-Supported Software is the Best Choice

How most EH&S software works:


No internal environmental expertise

Most EH&S companies have no environmental expertise and don’t understand the specifics of environmental calculations & environmental regulations.

How ERA's software works:


Extensive environmental expertise

ERA has 17 years of history successfully dealing with environmental regulations and industrial environmental reporting. All of our support & project managers are qualified environmental & chemicals experts.


Outsourced implementation

When you purchase most EH&S tools, the cost of implementation is not included and is practically never guaranteed. Your implementation is often outsourced to a 3rd party consultancy who will be responsible for the implementation with no guarantees of success.


Internal implementation guaranteed

ERA assigns each client an environmental project manager that works with you to collect your company’s data, understand your site’s unique requirements, implement the software for you, and then hold your hand as you run your first set of regulatory reports.


Outsourced support

Many EH&S software providers prefer to cut costs rather than provide good customer service. You pick up the phone to call them and you’re answered by someone working from an anonymous 3rd party call center who has very little experience with your tool and who’s reading from a script book.


In-house technical & environmental support

ERA provides all on-going technical and environmental support in-house from our Montreal Headquarters. If you have any problems or questions, you will talk to someone from North America who fully understands the regulations you’re dealing with and who know the software tool in-side out.



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