Sustainability Software. That Shows You The Total Environmental Footprint Of Your Facility.

As your stakeholders become more curious about your production methods, you need a tool that
gives you real environmental insights.

It's hard to instill confidence about your enviornmental performance without communicating what's in your products, how they're disposed and the real environmental impacts generated during their manufacturing process, because it's simply a matter of transparency.

A sustainability software tool should be able to provide tools for:

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If you & your team find yourselves in "Reactionary Mode" because of a lack of resources, you should find a software tool that will:

  • Bring your entire operation's environmental impact into one clear picture.
  • Assist decision-making with performance forecasting functions.
  • Track all of your important KPIs - including emissions, utilities & material usages.

Discover Our Key Software Features

Total Site Transparency


You can monitor & manage your site from the ground up. Get all of the information you need to keep your sustainability plans on track & gain the insight you need to make the right decisions.

  • Complete emissions inventories
          Understand all your environmental outputs.
  • Centralized production tracking
          Track how much your facility accomplishes.
  • Chart health & safety excellence
          All of your H&S events in one database.
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Key Performance Indicator Tracking


Put all your important environmental, health & safety key performance indicators in communication so that you can focus on the data that gives you real results.

  • Triple bottom line profitability
          Know your impact on people, planet & profits.
  • GHG, hazardous waste, and VOC tracking
          Track emissions most wanted by the public.
  • Understand your utility usages
          Manage your energy & materials.
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Performance Forecasting


Lasting success means making great choices today. ERA software features virtual forecasting to help you make smart choices.

  • Predict emissions and outputs
          Forecast effects of new factors.
  • Analyze cost benefits
          See what brings long term gains.
  • Virtually assess new projects
          Understand outcomes before they happen.
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Accelerate Decision Making


Your decision making just got easier with all your data in one simple system. A powerful program allows agile thinking and proactive planning.

  • Communicate sustainability efforts
          Keep shareholders & executives in the loop.
  • Pinpoint key issues for faster resolution
          Identify your challenges and opportunities.
  • Automated threshold alerts
          Make decisions before things get urgent.
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All of this, plus several layers of data automation...

  • Chemical Data Upload from Vendor Suppliers
  • Import Materials Inventory Usage
  • Import Lab Profile Analysis
  • Integrate Waste Shipments with Air Emissions Calculations
  • Provide Alerts for thresholds related to material usage, Emissions compared to Permitted Levels

Auditors comment on how immaculate our record keeping is.

"Being an environmental professional, it makes everything much easier, much simpler, much clearer... Auditors comment on how immaculate our record keeping is.
Howard Clement,
Environmental Compliance Manager
- Leggett & Platt
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There's a reason why the environmental leaders choose us.

Leaders like Volkswagen & Toyota choose us because we combine compliance management with automation and heavy duty environmental calculations.

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