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With your facility virtually modelled, you're
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Unlike other environmental management softwares, ERA believes that your software tools should actually do the heavy lifting for you. Because you need more than another place to enter & store your data.

You deserve a tool that will calculate and manage your:

ERA's Environmental Management Software
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Discover Our Key Software Features

Air Emissions Management


Air emissions management is the most common environmental challenge industry faces. It doesn't have to be that difficult. You can confidently cover all types of emissions - from source to stack - with our software.

  • Complete air emissions inventory
          Manage every emission point from one place.
  • Source-to-stack level tracking
          Track data on your emissions' entire route.
  • Emissions forecasting
          See how changing processes affect emisions.
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Water Footprint Management


Water discharge violations are responsible for more environmental non-compliance fines than anything else. ERA's software system gives you tools to understand clearly where your water comes from, where it goes & what it contains.

  • Detailed usage & discharge records
          Record specfics like water specs & personnel.
  • Site-wide water modelling
          Track your water from source to outfall.
  • Chemical composition analytics
          Understand what's in your water.
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Waste Stream Management


Your waste stream responsibilities extend beyond your site and managing it all can be a real time burdern. You can simplify the process with our system & reduce your emissions by claiming credit from proper waste handling.

  • Cradle-to-Cradle Waste tracking
          Manage your entire product lifecycle.
  • Comprehensive recordkeeping
          Including location, amount & composition.
  • Claim your waste credits
          Reduce emissions & avoid over-reporting.
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Chemical Inventory Management


You want to know the location, name and amounts of chemicals in a number of buildings at your site. And you want to be able to link this to your database of MSDSs. You can do this & more using our system.

  • Chemical library with over 100,000 entries.
          Maintained & updated by our experts.
  • Automated material data transfers
          Chemical compositions entered automatically.
  • Integrated MSDS management
          Associate all materials with digital MSDSs.
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Environmental Reporting


A database without reporting capabilities is pretty pointless. Reporting gives your environemental data meaning & lets you take action on what can improved. You can get real insight into your site from the ground up, or the top down - whichever you like.

  • 450+ integrated environmental reports
          Available at no extra cost.
  • Additional reports built on-demand
          Your custom reports built by our experts.
  • EPA online submisison compatible
          Deployed in minutes and ready for delivery.
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All of this, plus several layers of data automation...

  • Chemical Data Upload from Vendor Suppliers
  • Import Materials Inventory Usage
  • Import Lab Profile Analysis
  • Integrate Waste Shipments with Air Emissions Calculations
  • Provide Alerts for thresholds related to material usage, Emissions compared to Permitted Levels

Key Software Benefits

If you & your team find yourselves in reactionary mode because of a lack of resources, ERA's Software will:

  • Minimize data entry by using a single database for everything.
  • Eliminate your clutter of spreadsheets.
  • Perform all of your environmental calculations. Accurately.
  • Generate environmental reports in Ready-to-Submit format.
  • Follow changing regulations for you.
  • Automate data transfers at every opportunity.

We save over 81% on our reporting time.

"It was overwhelming because of our large facility. With ERA's software, I can manage the entire facility by myself... We now save 81% on our reporting time & $72,000 /year, for a single facility."
Ron Drumeller,
Head of Environmental and Energy
- Volkswagen Group of America
There's a reason why the environmental leaders choose us.

Leaders like Volkswagen & Toyota choose us because we combine compliance management with automation and heavy duty environmental calculations.

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