Environmental Compliance Management Software. That Keeps Your Compliance Team On Track.

Take a step back from pestering people about their compliance work. Be assured that it's getting done.

Environmental compliance is hard enough without having to run after everyone to make sure they do their work. Because you just want to know that it’s being taken care of or is already completed.

That’s why your compliance software should focus on what’s important:

ERA's Environmental Compliance Management System
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If you & your team find yourselves in "Reactionary Mode" because of a lack of resources, you should find a software tool that will:

  • Your compliance team will be fully co-ordinated.
  • Automatically delegates the right person for each task.
  • You'll be kept on track with automated alerts & reminders.
  • Your compliance documents will all be stored digtially.
  • Audit trails so impressive, auditors will compliment you.

Discover Our Key Software Features

Centralized Compliance Task List


Keep your entire team on the same page & select the best person for the job using our compliance tools. Get a bird's eye view of your compliance schedule & eliminate redundant work. Customize your own compliance tasks into one centralized system, then automate the delegation of tasks to the right people.

  • Track assigned & completed tasks
          Manage progress & avoid redundancy.
  • Design & delegate detailed events
          Add instructions, deadlines & questionnaires.
  • Created automated recurring events
          Automate repeat events to save time.
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Automated Email Alerts


You'll always be in control of your compliance with email alerts to automatically remind you of upcoming deadlines & assigned tasks. Receive email alerts every time someone finishes a task or forgets a deadline. Be warned when your facility is approaching a critical threshold, like emission limits. Create compliance accountability.

  • Set internal & external deadlines
          Make a compliance timeline for any goal
  • Respond to urgent events
          Act fast on thresholds & emergencies.
  • Organization-wide progress tracking
          Get informed about every compliance task.
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Digital Document Management


You don't want to be chasing your documents, permits & reports. During audits, these should be organized & accessible. You can share, search & secure all your documents, including images and PDFs, using our virtual document manager. Instantly access any document you need for audits, reports, or inspections from any connected location.

  • Reliable & protected documentation
          Documents backed up & safe from crashes
  • Quick Search feature
          Find what you need, when you need it.
  • Secure access from any internet device
          Instant access from any connected location.
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Reliable Electronic Audit Trails


Protect yourself during audits and inspections by automatically generating an audit trail that supports your compliance every step of the way. Demonstrate your compliance using customized questionnaires and follow-up actions. Not only will you ensure accountability and standardize your compliance benchmarks, auditors will even compliment you.

  • Questionnaires that prove your actions
          From simple surveys to full audit forms.
  • Task tracking for accountability
          Record all task completions & misses.
  • Automated follow-ups for protection
          Be alerted when your compliance is at risk.
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Inspection Tracking


Using standardized inspections ensures your compliance tasks get done properly and nothing gets missed. You can create custom inspection questionnaires for any compliance task using ERA's inspection module and get task results immediately. Respond to issues in an instant with smart inspections that automatically generate follow-up actions and email alerts.

  • Custom questionnaires for any event
          Collect only the information you want & need.
  • Incident prevention tools
          Ask the questions that keep your facility safe.
  • Automated follow-up actions
          Problem solving that takes care of itself.
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All of this, plus several layers of data automation...

  • Chemical Data Upload from Vendor Suppliers
  • Import Materials Inventory Usage
  • Import Lab Profile Analysis
  • Integrate Waste Shipments with Air Emissions Calculations
  • Provide Alerts for thresholds related to material usage, Emissions compared to Permitted Levels

Auditors comment on how immaculate our record keeping is.

"Being an environmental professional, it makes everything much easier, much simpler, much clearer... Auditors comment on how immaculate our record keeping is.
Howard Clement,
Environmental Compliance Manager
- Leggett & Platt
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