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Air Emissions Software: Why A Custom Fit Is Always Best

tailoring air emissions softwareIt's no secret in life -- you get the best quality from products that are customized just for you. Whether it’s a tailored suit that fits just right, custom golf clubs or a specialized instrument - having something made to fit eliminates the problems of generic models and helps you achieve better results. So, why would you settle for a generic EMS solution for your business instead of investing in a custom air emissions software?

Too often, businesses make the mistake of believing that air emissions management can be done with just any generic database program.

Others fall into the trap of using spreadsheets, which industry experts already know don’t work. Taking the spreadsheet route means maintaining your own formulas, hours manually entering data and hoping that you won’t find a single typo that could invalidate all of your calculations.

However, generic business resource software products can be just as ineffectual. In some cases, the software is simply a storehouse for your data and you’ll still have to do all the tough work yourself. Even those EMS solutions that offer some sort of calculation feature can only perform certain tasks. Anything outside the box of what the developer thinks you need is either impossible or requires you to purchase “add-on” toolsets.

Your business’ environmental reporting needs are different than anyone else’s. You have different air permits, make use of different materials, and have different air emission and operating limits depending on where you are located, and what you produce.

No two businesses are the same.

That is why you need air emissions software that is tailored specifically for you, customized to meet your needs and complete with all of the reports you are required to submit, both internally and to regulatory agencies.

Your air emissions software and EMS solution should be flexible and customizable. You should not expect your business to work around programming limitations.

By eliminating the inefficiencies in your reporting process, you saving time and the investment into customized air emissions software can be returned in just a few months. Manufacturers that have switched from generic EMS solutions to custom air emissions software are actually saving money

When your business is ready to upgrade to air emissions software, make sure you aren’t settling for the generic and ineffective. Pick an environmental management solution that is customized to get you the best results.

Experience first-hand how customized air emissions software can make your environmental responsibilities easier and more cost-effective by getting a free demo:

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