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    Whether you know it or not, your air emissions reporting is accomplished through a successful partnership between you and your vendors. You rely on them to provide accurate chemical data and MSDSs for their products when you need it, so you can correctly report your waste and air emissions. Unfortunately, this relationship with your vendors also makes you vulnerable to inaccurate or late reporting.. Is there a way to improve this relationship to benefit both parties?

    As with all forms of business communication, wires can get crossed and information can be wrong. Your urgent requirements might not be heard by your vendor, who can have emergencies of their own. This can impact on your reporting ability.

    What if you discover you have a compliance deadline next month, but your vendor usually takes 2 months to get product information to you? 

    Naturally, your vendor will do the best they can to meet your deadlines, but sometimes it just isn’t possible: the traditional information transfer process is not fast or efficient enough.

    What if your vendor changes the chemical composition of one of the products you use?

    Will you get that information and be able to make the necessary changes to your database in time?

    The core issue is that communicating complex chemical data takes time and effort. New products and materials have to be reviewed and approved, demanding more resources when its tough to get your work done as it is.

    The information gap needs to be closed and automating the transfer of product and material data can bridge this gap. Automating this data transfer can be a great help to manufacturers and vendors alike.

    Your vendors enter all of their product data in one simple database, maintaining this information with the most up-to-date receipies, and you import this information with the click of a button.

    You no longer have to chase down information, because it comes to you with an email notification, eliminating redundant efforts, like typing in data and stressing about getting the information on time. Potentially days of work are scaled into minutes.

    Another huge advantage of this method is that your vendors are accountable for the information they provide, and you can track where and when human errors occurred. Plus, your vendors will thank you for reducing their workload too.

    ERA Environmental has developed comprehensive compliance reporting software that is capable of bridging the divide between you and your vendors. You can learn more by downloading our free webinar in which Volkswagen and AkzoNobel, a large manufacturer and an industry-leading vendor, discuss how ERA has made their chemical information sharing quick and painless using data automation.

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    Alex Chamberlain
    Post by Alex Chamberlain
    November 24, 2011
    Alex Chamberlain is a writer for ERA Environmental Management Solutions.