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How an Internal EHS Audit Helps Your Performance

apma ehs audit

 In our latest contribution to the Canadian Automotive Parts Manufactuerer's Association's (APMA) expert environmental blog, we cover the benefits your organization can experience from conducting an internal EHS audit. This includes a list of five tips for getting your audit started on the right foot and leveraging the most out of your findings.

"Although the automotive sector already has put environmental and safety regulations in place to protect manufacturers and consumers, one of the best voluntary practices you can start is performing a regular (or even one-time) internal Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S) audit.

But why do a self audit when there are already so many rules and regulations in place to keep things running smoothly? Isn't the role of an Environment, Health and Safety team to keep your facility in compliance with government regulations?

The problem with this type of thinking (and it is widespread) is there are often small, unexpected ways you can improve your workplace and your bottom line, which EH&S regulations simply do not point out. Since most EH&S departments are so busy dealing with time-consuming regulatory paperwork, they frequently won't have the time to notice the small things unless you make self inspection a priority.

There's also the incredible benefit of giving the entire organization the reassurance that everything is up to scratch, just in case an external audit appears somewhere down the line."


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