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Conducting A World Class Environmental Audit: Oil & Gas Facilities

Environmental-Oil & Gas FacilitiesERA was at the 2015 Oil & Gas Environmental Conference (OGENV) in Dallas, Texas recently and we were invited to give a presentation on Conducting and Preparing for a World Class Environmental Audit

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It's a topic we are passionate about and we're happy to be able to share the presentation with you here. While this slideshow was presented for Oil & Gas manufacturers and refiners, the principles also apply to any manufacturing facility. If you have any questions about environmental audits, or about tank emissions management, let us know in the comments.

Being ready for an environmental audit boils down to a few fundamental factors: 
  • Environmental data collection and storage - is it accessible, transparent, and trackable?
  • When preparing for an audit, try to anticipate the needs of your auditor. Does this filing system or process make sense to an outsider?
  • Auditors will have reviewed your permit and reporting requirements. Have all that information easily available for them right from the start. 
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