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"Texas Clean Air Plan One Step Closer to Approval"

On June 7, 2012,Changes to air emissions management pending approval the Environmental Protection Agency issued a press release announcing its proposal to approve the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality's revisions to the state's permitting program for major air pollution sources and air emissions management.

According to the EPA:

"These changes to the State’s clean air plan meet federal clean air goals by establishing state rules for existing major facilities that are consistent with federal permitting requirements. 

The revised plan provides operating flexibility by establishing site-wide emission caps known as “Plant-wide Applicability Limits,” or PALS, for existing sources. These PALS require continuous monitoring for each of the units included in the cap. PALS are a useful and much sought-after tool for industry because they provide flexibility in the daily operations at a facility. Today’s proposal is the result of many months of work by Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and EPA to develop a PALS program for the state.

The proposed approval of the state’s revised plan not only enhances the clarity and enforceability of state issued permits but also provides industry with flexibility to meet Clean Air Act requirements."

Read the entire release here.

Before the revisions can be finalized, the EPA will need to go through the standard process of publishing a notice in the Federal Register and obtaining public commentary on the proposal. Afterwards, the EPA will publish a final decision.


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