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Rethinking Your Environmental Compliance Strategy

apma environmental strategy

In our latest article for APMA we talk about how you can impress your boss and improve your company's business position by rethinking your environmental compliance strategy.

So don't you find it frustrating that EH&S efforts are undervalued or misunderstood compared to other organizational projects?
"If you are an environmental specialist or EH&S manager working in the automotive industry, you already know how important environmental compliance and sustainability is to improving business performance.

Often, environmental specialists are forced to work with tighter budgets and fewer resources. It is not uncommon to find only one person carrying the entire burden of environmental compliance management on their own.

The solution to this problem is to completely overhaul the way you think about and use your environmental compliance. Once you use it to clearly demonstrate the worth of EH&S management in a way your boss and your stakeholders understand,  they will then get on board."


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