The CanadianSME Small Business Magazine named ERA the Sustainable Business of the year Canadas-Sustainable-SME-of-the-Year-floating-minas part of their National Business Awards 2022, presented by Google.

    ERA took home the coveted award in recognition of our new Sustainability Module, our “emission friendly” work-from-home model, and our CEOs’ contribution to academic research on the long-term effects of COVID-19 on businesses and CO2 emissions.

    The award reinforces ERA's dedication to making a positive impact by implementing sustainable business practices, notably in response to the COVID pandemic. These practices varied from transitioning to a hybrid work model that has significantly reduced emissions from commuting, heating, and lighting, to the creation of standard training resources to address the most common tech support requests, which reduced how repetitive (or demoralizing) our employees found their new working conditions. The magazine also recognized ERA's small-scale biodiversity efforts, namely the beehives and the bat refuges installed outside ERA's offices at Technoparc Montreal.

    ERA AWARD-Canadas-Sustainable-SME-of-the-Year-2022

    Abha Joshi accepted the award on behalf of co-CEOs and co-founders Sarah Sajedi and Gary Vegh, who could not attend the awards gala at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre themselves.

    Over time, ERA has grown from a small consulting firm working with the furniture industry to one of the leading environmental management software on the market, servicing a diversified audience across manufacturing industries, including clients interested solely in Sustainability tracking. Our growth was gradual and spurred by periods of turmoil or uncertainty (such as COVID-19). In fact, recovery phases were at times optimal occasions for new ways of doing, so much so that, during this transition away from COVID-induced restrictions, ERA advises small business owners to consider incorporating sustainability planning into their operations.

    Regardless of the stage of recovery or financial situation, introducing small sustainability-oriented changes can have a positive impact while potentially reducing overhead costs. For example, transitioning to a hybrid work model, like ERA did, can cut expenses and provide income and schedule flexibility.

    To embark on a sustainable journey (and have the opportunity to win an award for it!), ERA recommends starting by establishing a clear baseline through a materiality assessment. Identify areas where you can make feasible and impactful changes in the short term and monitor progress -- don't get discouraged if it is slow!

    Embracing sustainability early on and implementing achievable measures will not only contribute to environmental and social goals but also position your business for long-term success in an increasingly conscious market.

    Andres Cabrera Rucks
    Post by Andres Cabrera Rucks
    June 5, 2023
    Andres is a Science Content Writer at ERA Environmental Management Solutions.