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Process Safety Management

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Process Safety Management (PSM) is one of the most vital processes your business can undertake – and also one of the most complex. Ensuring the safety of your tasks and processes is a multi-step, continuous endeavor, bringing together stakeholders from all levels of your organization. ERA provides a robust suite of PSM Tools in one centralized Cloud Platform that track your entire Process Safety Management workflow from beginning to end for any type of process.

ERA PSM software automates the OSHA-standardized components of Process Safety Management using responsive smart forms, best-in-class safety tools, and a centralized secure cloud platform that brings it all together.

Automated emails, alerts, task delegation, and notifications based on your custom workflows. Seamless and hands-free communication with all your stakeholders, employees, and executives.

Built-in audit forms and process safety management checklists, plus limitless customization, keeps your safety assessments on track and following corporate standards.

Automatically generates complete documentation and audit trails, saving hours of data entry and reporting – with built-in quality checks, time stamps, and responsive forms that auto-populate with smart data.

Keeps your entire task force working together under one process safety management program. Key Performance Indicators, executive dashboards, and notifications for task status ensures accountability, transparency, and efficiency.

Complete PSM Solution Based on OSHA Best Practices

You’ll get a tool built to process safety management OSHA standards, keeping your projects on track with the full process safety management elements:

PSM (14)Employee Participation

Custom access rights let you build any team - including employees and executives. Integrates with your HR database and sends automated emails to your employees.

PSM (13)Process Safety Information

Built-in safety auditing and inspection tool gives you full insights into your project. Document, review, and share safety data with all employees before you begin.

PSM (1)Process Hazard Analysis

Risk assessment templates and specific OSHA hzard audit templates give you full insight into the potential hazards of any process. Centralized forms database lets your team knowledge share and assess potential safety consequences together.

PSM (2)Operating Procedures

Dynamic forms help you create planning procedures around start up, shutdown, alternate operating scenarios, and other emergency events. Connects to ERA Master Chemical List to determine all chemical hazards present on site.

PSM (3)Training

Comprehensive Training Module and LMS for creating, delivering, tracking and reporting process safety management training programs. SCORM-compliant, automated, and user friendly.

PSM (4)Contractors

Custom forms collect and share contractor data. Secure data sharing lets  you share relevant SDSs with contractors.

PSM (5)Pre-Start Up Safety Review

Built-in process safety management templates and smart forms ensure PSSR checks are complete and approved before your process moves forward.

PSM (6)Mechnical Integrity

Recurring inspections are simple with a standardized, central library of inspections bustom to your processes and equipment. Automated reminder emails and progress reporting. Automatic CAPA task delegation based on findings and form answers.

PSM (7)Hot Work Permit

ERA document management tools and training software with quizzes and employee scoring make sure everyone has a permit to work in any situation or process. 

PSM (8)Management of Change

The complete and stand-alone MOC Module from ERA delivers standardized tracking, approval, and communcation for all changes - track timelines, notify stakeholders, share information, and  collect data.

PSM (9)Incident Investigation

Robust incident reporting, including automated claims forms, near miss reporting, Beahvior-Based Safety Observation tracking, and integrated HR database streamlines all incident management. 

PSM (10)-1Emergency Planning and Response

Connect to your complete chemical hazard library and use dynamic forms to create comprehensive emergency plan documents. Store and share emergency plans via secure cloud platform with staff and emergency repsonders.

PSM (12)Compliance Audits

An automated compliance module paired with our Audits module delivers recurring and scheduled  compliance audits along with reminders, post-due alerts, and automatic result notifications.

PSM (11)Trade Secrets

ERA's GHS SDS Manager and Viewer helps you share only the necessary chemical information needed for any task - protecting your confidential business information and proprietary blends without compromising safety.

Process Safety Management Done Right

For your PSM you need more than just a place to store all of your documents, you need a total package solution that generates and automates your PSM processes from the ground up. Custom data forms tailored to your process, automated notifications and alerts, standardized inspections and audits, all meticulously tracked and reported to your PSM team.

ERA’s PSM Suite delivers everything you need for the most efficient, effective, and impactful management possible. Optimize your PSM and see real results.

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