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SDS Authoring Services

ERA’s SDS Authoring Services

Professionally authored Safety Data Sheets (SDS) by ERA's expert staff leveraging our SDS Authoring knowledge, Master Chemicals library, and SDS software tools. Our professionals leverage three decades of regulatory experience to provide you with the most accurate GHS-compliant SDS for your business, complete with country-specific inventories for the USA, Canada, the EU and more, translation for over fifty languages, Permissible Exposure Limits, and custom regulatory requirements. With precise GHS hazard classification, you can effortlessly stay in compliance and promote a safety culture within your organization.

All you need to provide is your products’ basic identification information, chemical components, and physical properties; ERA will handle the rest. The produced SDS will be complete with your company logo and includes your provided emergency contact information for your customers and vendors to use as reference. ERA also validates your SDSs and classifications, ensuring that every regulation, pictogram, and phrase is in the right place. 


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ERA Handles All Industry Research

Using experience gained from working with more than 30 industries, including paints, solvents, skin care, biotech, resins, adhesives, polymers, and more ERA will review your industry-specific requirements and provide regulatory advice. You have full access to special-case assistance and help on your unique scenarios for UN shipping compliance. 


Regulatory Research Done for You

ERA chemists will verify all chemicals with provided CAS to ensure that correct hazard classes are assigned thanks to in-depth research into HSNO, C&L Inventory, ECOTOX, RTECS, IARC, NTP, INCHEM, NIOSH, OCED, OSHA, REACH, and WHMIS.


ERA’s Master Chemical & Regulatory List contains over 200,000 different chemicals and over 3,000 regulations for you to choose from. With SDS Authoring done by team of qualified in-house scientists, we ensure that expert knowledge is applied and that hazard and toxic category classifications are accurate.


GHS Consultations with Chemical Experts at Your Fingertips

Understand why your products have certain classifications and which chemical components contribute to those classifications. With ERA’s SDS authoring services, you can also get a clear answer as to whether your product needs an SDS or is otherwise regulated based on its components and in-depth product distribution data. If you have difficulty understanding regulations, ERA also provides OSHA, CLP, OH&S, and GHS Purple Book interpretation and advice, allowing you to be confident in all your chemical regulation procedures.


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