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ERA Environmental
Team Members 

meet our Team 


Steve Sporea

Senior Project Manager

Steve holds a Master of Science degree in Computer Engineering and has acquired expert knowledge on secure online transactions and databases. During his illustrious career at ERA Environmental, he has established an impressive track record of accomplishments. Today, Steve is a major part of ERA’s success story and leads programming and development projects.


Erin Manitou

Lead Project Analyst

An experienced Environmental Project Manager at ERA Environmental, Erin Manitou holds a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science from the University of Texas at San Antonio, with nearly 10 years’ experience assisting businesses improve and protect their environmental management through advising, generating federal and state compliance reports and permit amendments, etc. 


Anderi Toma

Analyst and Project Manager

Andrei holds a mechanical engineering diploma from the Polytechnical Institute of Bucharest-Romania, with Highest Honors / Valedictorian in the field of fluids and hydraulic equipment. He has since pursued a career in software development and is currently responsible for developing the EH&S software at ERA Environmental. 


Laura Weinkam 

EH&S Manager

A highly experienced EH&S Manager at ERA Environmental, Laura specializes in environmental consulting, software and implementation services for clients across a number of industries, including Automotive Manufacturing, Wood Furniture Manufacturing, Shipbuilding, and Aluminum Extrusion.She is responsible for the management of a diverse team of Environmental Specialists involved in technical services and client support, as well as software mapping and environmental release calculations.


Abha Joshi

Administrative Director

Abha Joshi manages ERA's operational team, including Accounting, Human Resources, and Office Management. She has an extensive background in Law and business administration, and several years experience working with sensitive business information and financial data. Abha is also responsible for overseeing many of ERA's sustainability projects for which ERA was awarded a Top 50 Employers.


Natasha Young

Environmental Regulatory Research Specialist

Natasha Young is the Manager of Environmental Regulatory Research and GHS & Chemical Regulatory Division at ERA Environmental Management Solutions. She has over 9 years of experience in the field of Bioinformatics, and in Environmental Regulatory and GHS regulations. Natasha has a Masters of Research in Bioinformatics from the University of Exeter, U.K. and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Physics.


Nikita Tay

EH&S Project Manager

Nikita attained a Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science graduated from Concordia University with a specialization in geographic information systems(GIS). He is a highly-knowledgeable project manager at ERA and the champion of the Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS)module, Training Module, Process Safety Management Module(PSM) and the Combustion Module as well as the Tier II reporting module.