Whether it is at seminars or conferences, today’s professional group events will often feature breakout sessions on the agenda.  

    So, what is a breakout session? In these small-scale gatherings, attendees are regrouped in reduced numbers in order to discuss and express their ideas and opinions concerning a topic.

    Breakout sessions allow the participants of the conference to chat and exchange point of views in a more comfortable and intimate space with a solid defined objective. The persistent presence of breakout sessions at today’s top conferences indicate they hold an appeal that isn’t diminishing any time soon.  

    ERA Ingenuity at Work 2017 will be encompassing a wide variety of subjects such as risk aversion, sustainability reporting and cost reduction. The last day of the conference will hold breakout sessions and specialty workshops regarding TRI, Tier II, GHG Reporting, DMR upload reporting and managing and authoring e-Manifests

    It will take place in Philadelphia, PA from September 18 to 20, 2017. This conference offers a great opportunity for learning in these kind of small, intimate groups, as EH&S managers, risk management professionals or any EH&S role-holders gather to learn and trade tips and experience.

    So what are the real reasons for holding these sessions? Read on.

    Greater Participation


    Conferences sometimes tend to become static as each presentation passes. Speaker after speaker, the audience has the tendency to lose attention. Therefore, breakout sessions are a good way to break up the monotony of the schedule. Breakout sessions allow the attendees to participate more with each other, thus presenting a change of one’s mind.

    By participating in breakout sessions, it encourages engagement and memory retention. Breakout sessions offer a unique and dynamic exchange of knowledge, resulting in a productive and beneficial brainstorming meeting. Consequently, these meetings allow innovation as a part of a positive outcome. These sessions are the fuel behind industry advances and EH&S developments.

    ERA Ingenuity at Work was designed by EH&S professionals in order to avoid typical conference busts and misses to deliver the optimal capacity to our participants. The conference’s agenda is thoughtfully devised to keep our attendees implicated and captivated throughout three days of different planned activities.

    Sharing Ideas


    Choosing the right space and facilitator is crucial to a successful breakout session because participants will feel more comfortable to divulge their thoughts. Ultimately, the goal of a breakout session is to share ideas, point out observations and raise questions that otherwise would not have been asked.

    ERA Ingenuity at Work is occurring at the Chemical Heritage Foundation, a place filled with exhibitions of America’s biggest scientific advancements, and so creating an atmosphere imbibed in scientific inspiration to stimulate and spark ideas in the attendees. Being around sharp individuals, more often, can vitalize and get the creative juices going at conferences.

    ERA Ingenuity at Work has a unique focused attention on its participant’s opinion in order to promote innovation and change. In big sessions where the keynote speakers take the floor, it is somewhat difficult to express your own thoughts. Breakout sessions and workshops are the perfect place to do so because they centralize a smaller group of people in an relaxed emplacement. Similarly, expressing ideas, concerns, opinions and solutions becomes much more easier.

    Facilitating Collaboration

    Breakout meetings aprofessionals-business-small-groupre a great tool of collaboration between experts and attendees. Since the breakout groups are small, they allow participants to voice their concerns and ask questions. Industry specialists can explain and voice their insights on the matter at hand.

    Working together opens the ways of collaboration and improvement. This method permits the coordinators to find out what the partaker wants to learn, thus enabling the coordinators to adapt the sessions for next time.

    ERA Ingenuity at Work is a client-focused conference with a spotlight on collaboration. Going to the conference will be a great opportunity for ERA clients to express their thoughts about the software or any other of their concerns. Here at ERA, we believe what our clients think is very important. We always want to improve ourselves, conceive new ideas and innovate technology. Therefore, cooperation between customers and ERA employees is essential.

    Staying Informed on the Latest Standards

    latest-news-developmentsRegulatory compliance can sometimes cause quite a headache to EH&S professionals. As a result, it is important to stay informed of any changes that could be on their way. Breakout discussions are a great way to learn about any new or upcoming changes in the EH&S community.

    This is why we take great importance in informing our clients with any new regulations or announcements that might affect them. For example, we publish daily articles on our corporate blog in order to keep them updated on any news. Consequently, the sessions and workshops presented at the conference will include the new trends circulating in the EH&S and sustainability industry.

    For this intention, the ERA Ingenuity at Work conference will be receiving Nora Lopez, former EPA TRI coordinator, as a keynote speaker. She will be presenting the Toxic Release Inventory Workshop and giving her insights on the matter. Consult our conference page for more information on Nora Lopez and our other keynote speakers.

    Workshops Imply Better Memory Retention

    Many attendees sometimes forget key information they acquired at conferences. And,there is nothing more discouraging for a manager to have a returning employee with worker-windfarm-tabletno new knowledge obtained.

    Participating in a breakout session or a workshop often helps partakers to retain more information. In fact, activities implicating the new content promotes memory retention. So, if an individual engages in a breakout discussion, it is more like that they will remember it and implement it in their daily work life. 

    The ERA Ingenuity at Work conference has a whole day dedicated to workshops and breakout sessions, therefore EH&S role-holders can find the session that suits any of their needs. 


    Breakout sessions and workshops represent many reasons as to why you would attend a conference, but more importantly it can inspire and stimulate many attendees. ERA Ingenuity at Work is the perfect place for EH&S managers and sustainability professionals to gain useful experience through workshops and breakout sessions.

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